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I have just purchased a Q60R and am trying to connect my existing HW-F355 sound bar to it.
The sound bar is 6 years old and was originally used with a UE42F5500 and connected via a round pin optical cable.
The optical port on the Q60R is square in shape so the existing cable won’t work
Is it possible to buy an optical cable with different end connections or some sort of convertor?
I have also tried to connect the sound bar using Bluetooth but the new tv couldn’t find the device.


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Your previous TV had a standard digital optical out socket as does your new replacement.
All optical sockets are the same, they are square in shape with 3 sides slightly rounded and are “keyed” with one flat side so that the optical cable plug can only fit one way round.
You may be getting confused with the shape of the barrel of the optical plug, some are rounded and some are square but the end that plugs into the socket will fit although they're not that secure. Just buy a new optical cable.
Either that...and this catches a lot of people out, you've forgot to remove the transparent dust cover from the end of the cable.
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Thank you for your response and the information provided.
The sound bar is now connected to the TV and works fine.
What fooled me was the spring loaded gate that protects the port. I didn’t realise it could be moved out the way.
Thanks again for your help.....
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