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Sound advice needed for newbie.


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Hi everyone, your superior advice is needed.

I am looking to buy a plasma TV 42'', I have around the £2000 mark could stretch an extra few hundred if need be. I wondered if I have came to the right conclusion, after reading through the forum of course, that the Panasonic PV500 would be the best buy for my money?

I have Sky TV so what leads would be best for hooking this up to it for best PQ along with DVD player and PC.

Also would I be better holding off a month or so for any newer model coming out as I would hate to think a newer one came out just after I paid out this amount of money.

Thanks in advance for any help as I really want to get the best out of my purchase.



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There's always a newer model coming out :D

Yep, go for the 500.
It's the best :smashin:
OR a Pioneer.

Don't consider a Hitachi 7200, because they are rubbish.

All tongue in cheek, that is ;)

The 500 seems to have a lot of faults, IMO.
The Pio's are crap at blacks.
Hitachi's are just crap, full stop, if you read this site.
(The regulars may find that I'm becoming slightly disillusioned by this site)

Perhaps all the AV mags have got it wrong with the 7200.
I don't think so, personally.
If you want to go down a seperates route, but don't want Hi-def, go for a Panny 6, 7 or 8.
They have the best blacks, if that's your buzz, but require more work with extra boards and a £700 scaler!!!!!!
Not for me, but, there you go.

Go and look for yourself, there really is no substitution for your own eyes.
Take your fave DVD and get your hands on the remote and PLAY with the settings.

As for the leads, decent (£20) Scarts, running RGB will do great, until you have Hi-def through HDMI ;)


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Pio ain't crap at black anymore IMHO.

Blue Triangles

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The Pio I played around with before buying the 506XDE, the blacks were exellent I thought. This is my first plasma though.


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Beware the tongue in cheek advice - Badger : ))

I calibrate plasmas most days of the week - the Hitachis are good but the Panasonics, Pioneers and Fujitsus (not every model in all cases) still rule the roost. You don 't need a scaler, the right scaler improves the picture quality hugely on most plasmas but that is a red herring.

£2,000 won't get you a top quality high def 42". Add £500 and you get lots of choice.

The "panel only" rather than "telly" plasma may seem daunting but go to a good dealer and get help with choosing input boards and probably a clever remote to make the whole package family friendly and you will get something that will be better than the plasma "telly".

You've got Sky already - you don't need the inbuilt Freeview that comes with the "tellys". A £20 scart lead will be far, far better than the one that came with your Sky box - law of diminishing returns - the £80 will be better still but not £60 better in terms of picture improvement / cost. If cost is paramount get a £20 scart lead.

The majority of the new models have now appeared though there may be some coming that I have missed.

To really stir things up - are you sure that you want / need high definition? Big improvement in picture quality with a high definition source (Euro 1080 now, guessing as to Sky HD next year) and with the PHD8 big improvement with standard def material. Can't comment about other panels / tellys as I haven't tried them. If you are going to get Sky HD (at what cost? or Blu-Ray / HD DVD then a High-Def panel is a must).

If high def isn't top of your list then think about a really good standard def panel with the best input boards / converters - get it properly calibrated, get a good remote to make it easy to use and you will have a winner.


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Appreciate for the replys.

Will definitely be getting Sky HD when it becomes available, so judging by responses here and in other threads it looks as if the 500 is the way to go for me.

I could stretch to an extra £500 if it means opening up the chances of a better TV, although not much more as I was looking at getting the Canton CD101 speakers and a decent amp to top it off or the SONY DAV-DZ700FW, only because of the wireless rear speakers really.

I will take the advice and get the better scat cable for the Sky.

Does this setup sound alright for a first time, or are their other things I need to know, as I will be wall mounting this, I will need to get it right first time, as I don't think the wife would be to pleased with me digging out raggles in the wall and plastering it up every few weeks to bury another cable.



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Hi def essential rules out the PWD8. PV500 may be the answer but the Hitachi 7200 may still be worth a look. Take your favourite DVDs down to a dealer who can let you compare them.

Wireless rear speakers are suspect.


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and they're not really wireless anyway...you still have to power them!...if you are going for a decent set up don't ruin it for he sake of wireless......there is no substitute yet for good cabling.

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