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Sound advice... (Card & Speakers)

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by PFM, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. PFM

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    Sep 24, 2000
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    Barton Upon Humber

    I need some advice on what I should upgrade my sound system on my PC to...

    What Ive got:

    Sound Blaster live (value) 4 channel card in a once respectable PC

    (1.7Ghz, 512mb ram 80Gb HDD, Radeon 9500 pro)

    What I need is:

    The PC normally lives upstairs in the office, so I would like a reasonable 5.1 speaker system
    (the cat chewed through my last set of Sony PC speakers).

    My thoughts on the speakers are:
    Altec Lansing 251 Versatile 5.1 Speaker System (SP-001-AL)

    They are to remain in the office for gaming and general fun etc...:) so dont need to be expensive (~£50)

    To go with it...

    A decent soud card that will output a digital coaxial signal to my Tag when I take it downstairs (for proper BArco PJ Gaming and Home theater fun etc)

    Anyone any reccomendations on the card?

    Sound blaster Audigy2 perhaps? - Although I'm not sure how to get the digital signal out for the Tag to decode...

    Would a Hercules digifire 7.1 be a problem with gaming?
    And the same question goes for the M-Audio 7.1

    and again how do I get a digital signal (PCM, DTS, DD etc) out to the tag with these units?

    Please help as Ive promised dance mat fun to the Mrs on the big screen by way of justifying the above:suicide:

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