Sound Advice – How to set up a turntable


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Interesting. I have to say, even though I have had two SL-1210 Mk-IIs for the last 20 years, I don't think I have ever adjusted them much apart from spinning the rear counter-weight if I noticed the needle skipping when I tried to "scratch". Think the cartridges are standard Stanton ones.

I don't even remember if there were any instructions supplied with these SLs on how to set them up correctly - don't remember ever reading any anyway.

I must use your instructions/tips to set them up correctly some time, I like the alignment printout trick, but it's a pity there's a need to have to buy that needle weight thing to get proper weight - should be included really, but they do have weights or numbers at least written on the counter-weight - may be sufficient.

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Thanks Ed - Another article added to my go to reference bookmarks and I will follow it when rescuing my old Technics from the loft. That is once the kids have removed all their stuff so I can set it up properly with an exclusion zone, otherwise nerf gun pellets will be fired at it as the turntable is used to mount a revolving target!
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