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This was another family favourite in our bubble watched over Christmas and enjoyed by all age groups! Very warming and kept us watching throughout.


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Enjoyed this more than were OK with it too although they preferred Onward (9 and 11 yrs). I liked the creativity of it and the music aspect was good. Looked and sounded good from Disney+

Thanks for the review


An interesting movie, but unfortunately it doesn't work as a whole piece.
A middle-aged man who going through a mid-life crisis isn't appealing to kids.

The movie starts off with a man who is unfulfilled because he still hasn't executed his dream of playing Jazz professionally. When he gets his chance, he dies and goes to heaven, unfulfilled.

Then it's a movie about a man who has swapped bodies with another soul.

Then it's a movie about a man who becomes selfless and hands his Earth pass to another soul.

None of these ideas gel. It needed to focus on one of them. The character arc ending suggests that the opening should have been about a bitter man who only thinks about his own dreams rather than the dreams of others, that way the ending would have worked.

Not spoilering would be nice...
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Sorry, I thought everyone who was reading this thread would have already watched it.

Read the sticky here. It's only been on this forum for 12 years.


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What a wonderful film.

I'm currently thinking it is Pixar's very best, which in cinematic terms makes it the Mona Lisa.

So beautiful on so many levels.

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