sorting out my harddisk


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it seems my wireless b adapter was just not up to the task in my room with xbox live.

i had 2 attempts to download PGR3 (1.25gb each) and both times it disconnected.

here is the thing, in the downloads, it thinks PGR3 is there, but it doesnt show in the available games, BUT 2 lots of 1.25gb hve been taken up by the partial downloads, so i only have 9gb free on the disk now cf with the 11.5 that i had before.

is there an easy way to clean up the partial files on my unit.


(new access point on the way which should be better )


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Go to the system tab, then select memory, hard drive and then demos (I think) it sounds like some of your downloads have become corrupted, in there you see a repair type icon, delete this from your hard drive and you should be good to go!


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Top banana

many thanks


ps whilst deleting a few things the original owner had on there i discovered hexic.

not a bad little game, tho more suited to a hand held i think.
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