sorting my dvd collection into categories-pls help



I'm trying to sort my DVD collection into these Categories, action and adventure
Science Fiction, horror. The problem is I can't decide what category these films fit into-can anyone pls help.

Back to the future
The Matrix
The Terminator movies
Lord of the Rings movies

P.S..does anyone else do this-or am I just sad?

Seth Gecko

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Well if it were me.......

Back to the Future - is Sci-Fi/Comedy
The Matrix - Sci-Fi/Action
Underworld - Action/Horro
Batman - Adventure/Action
The Terminator - Sci-Fi/Action
Lord of the Rings - Adventure

This is what I'd suggest (as did DVD Profiler)

As to does anyone else do that - well I don't. I just catalogue it on DVD Profiler. Does all the hard work, so you don't have to (or some other cliche) :thumbsup:

Seth Gecko

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Muzic man said:
Surely Lord of the Rings is Fantasy/Sci-fi :rolleyes:

Well it's Fantasy/Adventure apparently on DVD Profiler, although I'd never refer to it as Sci-Fi (although have referred to it as a lot of other names personally ;) )

However Ewan didn't offer Fantasy as an option, hence my not specifying it. I agree, but wasn't in the options given!


Thanks for the replies :)

I put Lord of the Rings under Action/Adventure in the end.

@Sadmuppet-nice dvd collection m8 :)


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I dont want to throw a spanner in the works, but why not just do them alphabetical


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For what it's worth, I'd say:-

Back To The Future - Adventure
The Matrix - Science-Fiction
Underworld - Horror
Batman - Fantasy
The Terminator series - Science-Fiction
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy - Fantasy or Adventure

With all due respect, Ewan, I'm not quite sure why categorising these films has been so hard for you. :confused: I would have thought that they're fairly easy to categorise, when you look at them.

Imagine trying to classify something more complex, like "Dances With Wolves" (It's not a Western, per se, nor is it an adventure. It's not a comedy, nor thriller, nor a true drama! :eek: ) or even something more daring like "Run Lola Run", or perhaps "The Abyss". The ones you listed, seem to me, to fall into easily defined categories.


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