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Sorry to bore but need settings for Panasonic TX -L32S10BA pleeeeeeeease


Standard Member
Hi :hiya:

I have just purchased this TV and I got the settings for my last TV from here so thought I would return. :smashin:

I have searched the forum but cannot find the settings and have looked at the calibration thread but it whooooshed right over my head.

Factory settings are nowhere near as clear as my old Toshiba so wondered if anyone had any tips. Pretty please :lease:


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It helps if you say what you are watching that is not giving a good picture.
DVD via SCART, HDMI etc.
Freeview (builtin)
Virgin +

BlueYonder Man

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Hi great minds don't have the exact same set but have the tx32x10. I found the picture terrible when I first switched on. In setting menu I switched from normal to cinema mode lowered the sharpness to the lowest but 1 setting, PNR to mid setting and then turned the power save mode to ON which is in a different menu which I believe lowers the backlight but this setting will depend if your in a very bright or dull room to whether you need it on or off. I know its not the same set but it might give you a bit of a starting point until someone with the same set can help. But theres not much talk about panansonic lcds on this forum at the moment. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing, then again most posts are usually a problem rather than praise of how good the sets performing.


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Thanks for the replies :clap:
I am watching via sky TV. The picture using the cable for the PS3 is MINT but the picture for ordinary viewing is blurred.

Will try those tips and see if anyone else comes up with something more advanced too. Thanks alot :smashin:


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If standard sky check the following.
In the Sky box picture settings, are they set to.
16:9 not 4:3
Scart control on.
AND you are using a quality scart cable.


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Hi Andy,

Yes have checked all of those things and they are all set right. The scart lead is the same one I was using for the Toshiba and the pic was very clear so I am assuming it is a decent one.

I wouldn't mind but I was very happy with the Toshiba but the on/off switch developed a fault so Dixons came to collect it for repair as it was only 9 months old. They managed to somehow 'lose' my Toshiba and eventually after being without a TV for 4 weeks they agreed to replace it. They didn't do the Toshiba any more so I chose this one. I know it is better spec but just not happy with the pic :thumbsdow


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The only other check is the Scart socket you have connected SKY to on the TV is actually RGB capable usually only 1/2 out of three maybe.
Personally I think you can tweek to death a TV without gaining anything, you will find for instance the built in Freeview will be excellent and the weak link as always will be.
SKY box incorrectly setup, but you say it is OK.
Sky box plugged into a non RGB capable scart socket on TV.
Scart cables can have an impact on the quality, supermarket "Gold" scarts are rubbish and you should be looking at Scarts by the likes of Thor, QED, IXOS, profigold etc for quality.

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