Sorry to ask,which router?


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Hi All,
No doubt it's been asked a million times before but......which is the best £50 ish router? I've just wasted £45 on an Addon pile of rubbish.It needs to be reset more than frequently,can't connect wireless, it's just dross.Unfortunately I've used it for a couple of weeks so can't return.
I've 4 CAT5e wired data points but do have a wireless laptop. Wireless would be a bonus rather than having a patch cable trailing around.
The bottom line is a nice reliable wireless & wired router (6 ports) around £50.
Many thanks.


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I'd suggest one of the Netgear DG834 family (depending on your specifIC requirements.) because they are reliable and easy to set up. I'd add a 10/110 Ethernet switch to increase the number of ports.

BTW. Under the various Sale of Goods Acts if the product doesn't work, you can take it back for a full refund 'within a reasonable time'. I'd say two weeks fit that bill precisely as it would take one two weeks to find out that something as complex as a router doesn't do the job. BTW for the first Six Months it is up to the RETAILER to prove that the box isn't faulty rather than you prove that it is.


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Not sure if it's too late but might be worth having a look at the ZyXel 6600 series. going fairly cheap on ebuyer and has excellent reviews even on I bought one the other week and it's very simple to set up and hasn't dropped out one.


Id second the netgear range
Stuck with the brand for years no problems what so ever

thirded (if that's a word)

Netgear are simple to setup and work excellent.

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