Sorry to ask again.. DMR-E55 as a multiregion player...

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by turbohat, Nov 9, 2004.

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    Really sorry to ask again, but I'm appealing for information on the DMR-E55 before buying one.

    My Sony 735 (quite a high-end player when bought) is in terminal laser failure

    Basically RGB pas through is essnetail for me, but most players with 2x SCART are more expensive than the entry level recorders

    Really for me a DMR-E55 would be a DVD player with the added benfit of recording cabability (don't intend on doing much recording)

    Basically I after information on how it does as a player of bought (NTSC & PAL) DVDs as it will spend more time playing these than recording. Is it as I fear quite basic in the features I have gotten used to (disc resume etc.)

    I know it has no jog-shuttle (I can live without that) and I can just about manage without coax digital out (need to get a TOS splitter). Plus I can rely on my amp to do the DTS and DD decoding.

    Really is it going to 'feel' more like my 735 or the Cyberhome brick that I have in my daughter's playroom?

    Please, please advise......

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