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Sorry, Letterboxing BD Displays on HD TVs again

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Dr. Squash

Standard Member
I know this is an old chestnut but I still can't make much sense out of the expert comments on this forum.

A guy goes into a shop, spends £1000 on an HD Ready TV.
A year later he buys a Blu Ray player, thinking that the disks will play properly on his tv.

OK they play & look good, but only two thirds of his screen is used. Top and bottom of the display are wide black bands. Not only does this create issues with screen burn-in deterioration (plasmas mainly) it also fails to impress people he invites round to enjoy what he thought would be the ultimate home cinema experience. Most of these people say they'll wait until "The technology is perfected", ie arranged so the movie display fits the whole screen.

Surely the BD industry is losing custom because of this issue. Its not as if it isn't possible to produce HiDef movies that display properly on normal tvs: Microsoft WMV movies fill the screen and some BD movies do too (eg the HD Scape Sampler, which looks fantastic). It seems to be an issue with commercial movies only.

Its no good getting into the technicalities of upscaling/720p/1080i etc problems - ordinary people are not going to splash out on Blu Ray equipment or disks at £25 a time until the damn things fill the screen.

I'd be grateful if somebody could tell me why this hasn't happened.

Nic Rhodes

Distinguished Member
A year later he buys a Blu Ray player, thinking that the disks will play properly on his tv.

Is that the rub, most of us who are black bar aware feel it is playing properly. The incorrect asumption is not wit us but those who want to change the aspect ratio of films to fit kit they have bought previously under a wrong impression of how it works.

Bald Monkey

Distinguished Member
This has been discussed probably more often than 'Grain' :D

Different aspect ratios have been around since VHS and probably a lot earlier. ;) It isn't a problem for most..

Have a look at this thread if you want to read more..

Closing now as we will only go around in the same circles.. :smashin:
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