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Basically I have quite a large collection of dvd's, taking up a lot of space. So I was planning to build a htpc to connect to my TV so I can watch all my movies from it and get rid of them in physical form and just have a digital copy.

Is it possible? To rip them all to the hard drive then sell them/trade them in?

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Possible yes, legal no.

In the UK it is still illegal to make a copy even if it's just for yourself to enjoy on a digital device that can't accept the format it was originally bought on (e.g. buying a music CD and then copying the music on to an iPod). All that is about to change (google the Hargreaves review) but even after its made legal you still legally won't be able to rip a copyrighted cd or DVD and then sell on the original as these would technically be fraud.


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The post above says enough really. For sake of obviousness, this thread is now locked, though viewable.
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