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(Sorry didn't have a clue where to post) convert to MP4 or MP4 (H264)


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Please feel free to move to the correct section as I didn't have a clue.
So after downloading some movies I need to convert them to play on my old samsung tv.
Without going into all the heavy stuff, the in's and out's :D all I want to know is which will give me the best quality conversion.
Thanks for any replies.


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Does an old Samsung TV support H264?


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I thought we were on 265 now with 266 on it's way for improved compression?

HEVC (H.265) is pretty recent and while it would give better quality at the same file size it won't be supported on TVs before about 2016.

H.264 support was often implemented by 2010 on TVs

AV1 looks likely to be the next big video format, not VVC/H.266.

Sloppy Bob

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Encoding to x265, even with a decent PC takes a huge amount of time compared to x264 and unless you know what you're doing you might be unhappy with the results.

If you're just looking for a tiny file at decent quality to watch on a phone or tablet, fine.
If you're trying to convert a Bluray Remux to a smaller size to watch on a 65" TV, you'd probably be better using x264.


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"After downloading some movies" 🤔


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After downloading legal to download movies is more than fine and a good sign we are all in the year 2020 ;)
Legal? Looks doubtful...

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