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Sorry but i'm a newbie to iphone

philip birdi

Novice Member
I am thinking of buying a iphone and have a few questions does the iphone have a video recorder function?and i read there maybe a new 3g iphone coming out is this true,and would you buy one now or wait for the newer model?thanks


Novice Member
No video recording, but if you jailbreak it there are apps out there which will allow it. Yes there is a 3G one on the way, from what I have read it will be released is the US, Australia and Italy first, this may not be true though. Expected sometime in June, but not known when or what network in the UK. Current ones are in very short supply, I believe there are no 8Gb models left, pretty much in the world (exc ebay etc). Maybe some 16Gb knocking around. Possibility of increase memory in the 3G to 32Gb. Personally I would wait to see what the situation is next month, then you can wait a bit for that or maybe get a 16Gb dirt cheap.

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