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Sorry but a real newbie question regarding setup.



Sorry for this but...

I have just purchased a Panny 500 with an HDMI input x1

I will have SKY HD when the box comes out next year with an HDMI output.

I want to get a DVD with an HDMI output.

I want a get reciever (Denon or Yamaha), but looking at them they also have an HDMI output

I also understand that you can get HDMI splitters.

So (wait for it) what would I plug in where? I can see that I could plug either the Sky box or the DVD (or both with a splitter) into my HDMI socket on the TV. So what exactly is the HDMI socket on the AMP for?

Edit: Also regarding optical it looks as though the recievers have a single optical input? How can i plug my SKY+ and DVD into it?

Newbie question I know..



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By using the sockets on the amp, you do away with the need for a splitter and the amp does all your switching of both audio and video signals.

Some amps will also upconvert from other types of connection, so you could be using a few other sources with s-video or component outputs, say a games console or vcr, and have them all connected to the amp, with a single connection then going to your TV. It helps to simplify the wiring, and saves the inconvenience of unplugging cables when you want to use a different source.

There is a downside though, in that you have to have your amp turned on all the time for swtching duties.

My TV only has two scarts, so I have my DVD player connected directly with RGB scart (and HDMI to the projector) and all my other kit uses s-video through the amp to the TV's second scart.


Think I understand that.....

.... but with no HDMI inputs on the amp (just an output) won't I have to connect non HD connections from my DVD and Sky box to the amp, losing HD in the process despite the HDMI connection from the amp to the TV?

Sorry if I am being thick...


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Which amp are you looking at getting? The spec's I've seen suggest that they have both HDMI inputs and outputs. Although there was some speculation on the forums as to which will pass an analogue signal though the HDMI output - I beleive the Pioneer only upconverts to component, although I don't know much about this model so may be mistaken.

Some specs here...
Denon 3806
Yamaha RX-V4600
Pioneer VSX-AX4AVi

Hope this helps.

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