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Aug 26, 2002
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About to by a panny 42, i know about the two different colours , black having more adjustment and you can get a dvi board for it(is that correct) anyway my local dealer says the black is best and if i want silver i should go for the toshiba as that is the same as the black one, is he talking crap?
The Toshiba is a rebadged Panasonic (that only comes in silver). It is identical to the panny and made on the same production line. I bought the Tosh myself, it has the normal Composite, S-Vid, Component & VGA inputs. I don't think you can fit a DVI board in it though.

When I was looking the Tosh was a cheaper option than the silver Panasonic but could not comment on prices now.
Hes talking crap !!! their is no diffrence apart from the professionals range (the black ones) ability to mess the picture up more. The level of emmisions on the black model is higher due to the colour of the compound used on the frame.The silver ones are genarally cheaper in the uk (dearer in the states) and that is the only diffrerence. Buy a silver one or find a presentaion products ex display u wonr be dissapointed with either .Tomorrow i get my 50 inch unit installed after upgrding from a 42 and i cant wait.

The Toshiba 42WP16 is a re-badged Panasonic TH-42PW4B - that's the Silver Panasonic display; and it wont take the DVI board that is an option on the TH-42PWD4BX Charcoal display.

Not sure about Marks strange 'Compound' on the frame of the Charcoal model - that's a new one to me!!! And also not sure why Mark suggests the Charcoal model is likely to mess up your picture due to its menu options!!!

Price wise there's not much to choose between the Silver and Charcoal model - though please ensure you are looking at a UK spec Charcoal model; it is marked as a BX not an EX after the D4 in its product code.

Also you should be aware that the new D5 models are just around the corner!!!

Best regards

yes the board is an issue but the connectivity is still not an issue .

The reason the boards were changed was the UK tax man panasonic were paying 15% on the importation and noticed they were only paying 8% on the computor monitors. Because one was classed as a business pc monitor and the other a consumer tool so the boards were taken off to give the same format as the pc monitor and the boards then sold on top for a small amount of money the boards now come with bnc sockets on them and most installers use the maplin convertes to get them to component (phono lead). The emissions thing guys is a a thing picked up in the usa when they were testing the equipment for their hillarious emissions policy (I suppose at least they know how bad they really are) and found the silver screen had a lower output than the black/ charcoal model.

With regard to the new model.....

I only found out about its release 2 weeks ago having already ordered my 50 inch screen (noww looking awesome on my wall) .The older models should therfore represent a good buy , Changes are mainly cost cutting though like the thickness of thewall and rounding of edges, their are two other important factors though.

1) The lumenance( sorry for the spelling) has been increased marginally which will give a brighter contrast and allegedly deeper colour "potential" ..this is quite strange because the first thing you do with these sets is turn down the contrast becuase the factory default is way to high and makes the picture very stark. It may have a benefit on longevity I suppose as the phospher burn out takes effect but its coparing to and to if you get my drift.

2) The new panasonic slimline tuner is not compatible with the 4 series and below models.This I believe was actually a cockup and the reason nobody knew much about the new models till recently .So the dealers who spend a lot of money with panasonic are are being subsidised to take them on the screen price and offer the new DMR- e30 dvd recorder including a syncblaster cable for £400. which has a very good tuner built into it. How do I know all this well im a nosy bugger and I have a good contacts with the 3 rd biggest panasonic dealer in the country and to prove it I Have 50 inch model I have paid much less than £6000 on my wall including the dvd recorder.

Prices on the new one by the way will be around £1500 less on retail and whatever the

This "upgrade is debatable anyway as most mediums are now going digital , sky , cable etc and the series 4 all work well on these the analogue tuner issue is one which wont exist in time.

If anybody wants to e mail me off group I will tell them the dealer and price .


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