Sorry, another Llasma & LCD question!


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Hi people

I am currently looking at these 2 tv's, the tele will be used with a virgin HD box, Xbox 360 (kids are on it a few hours at a time!) and my Mac Mini will be plugged into it.

1, what tele is going to give better SD pictures?

2, Do i need to be concerned about screen burn? the kids may watch Cbeebies for an hour so at a time.

3, Will the plasma picture be much better overall than the LCD??

I know the 100hz is going to be a good thing for the plasma.

Sorry, i know these will be repeat questions, its more if someone could point me in the right direction between these 2 models as i cant find that much info on either.

I know there is a difference in size between the two, i would preffer the bigger size and could accomodate it if it was really worth it, but the 37 will fit perfectley in the gap i have on the wall.

My main point for choosing these two is i like the look of them, which obviously isn't the best basis for choosing a tele! :D

LG 42PG3000 - 42" Widescreen HD Ready Plasma TV - With: Electronics & Photo

Toshiba Regza AV Series 37AV615DB 37-inch Widescreen HD: Electronics & Photo



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Look at the Panasonic plasma, less risk of burn than LG (indeed image retention is more of a concern, burn very unusual these days). Just keep the settings low on the TV to reduce the risk (an hour of cbeebies shouldn't be an issue for a Panasonic plasma)

£ for £, Plasma always will be better than LCD for SD


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Thanks vickster. will check out the panasonic.

Also thanks tvbox am off to read your review right now!!

Ooops, have you not heard of Llasma? its the way forward ;)


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Nice review, thanks, i am swaying towards it now, only thing was i didnt like the look of the Panasonics for some reason, but actually in your pics it does it more justice.

Did you pay the £589 from amazon or did you find it cheaper?



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Did you pay the £589 from amazon or did you find it cheaper?
Naah, I wanted 5 year warranty so got it from John Lewis for £649:smashin:
But I think Amazon is the cheapest place for the X10 at the moment? Shame they don't have a decent 5 year warranty:(:thumbsdow
But with a bit of bargain hunting, you might be able to fork in the 5yr warranty:D:suicide:

Llasma is a cross between LCD and plasma :wink: :rotfl:


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That's good to know, still a good price especially knowing your covered for 5 years.

:rotfl: we could be onto something here!

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