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Okay so I want to put my PC on standby atleast to give ti a rest

Is it possible to keep my USB modem ON and conencted to the net

I mean if I plug a flash drive in on standby it powers it why does it turn off my modem?

Basicly I want someway of having my PC on standby and still be able to play my 360 or access the net on my DS though the wifi dongle

PLEASE help this is about the only PC related thread in this forum


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Because it still needs the software to stay connected, in standby all processes are stopped.

You'd be better getting a router/modem combo.


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Because it still needs the software to stay connected, in standby all processes are stopped.

You'd be better getting a router/modem combo.

He's bang on there, i have a BT105 acting as a modem and a DGL-4300 gaming router with all my devices connected to that and it works like a dream all machines turned off stick the 360 on it works perfectly. I used to have just a rotuer modem and have my Girlfriends PC sharing my internet aad she would get loads of hang ups. I download alot from newsgroups while i am downloading my GF laptop now on wirelss dose not have any hang ups as the router shares the internet connection so she gets what she needs and i get my donwloads at around 4-500kbps.

Best thing i have ever done for my home network.

Check the trader's forum for good deals on routers.



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there is a chance if you use a powered USB hub that it will keep the modem going, but i doubt mentioned usually the modems are run by software on the computer.....whereas a broadband router/modem has full on internal stuff to run it, including a firewall usually......

you can pick up ones that will do the job perfectly around £50 nowadays...possibly cheaper.....if you live near a PC world, go in and find their 'reduced stock' might find and older model that will still work perfectly with modern kit using hardconnection, it might not be much use for wifi tho if older....depends on what you need :)


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Well to be honest I only asked this not really to play my 360 but to lpay my DS and Wii online :p

The wifi connecter will stop running I think (Ned to did it out) and if it dosnt the modem will =/ was hoping for a way round it dont need a router ill just leave me PC on :p


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The thing is, a router will benefit your PC as they are quite secure. It doesn't need any drivers other than Windoes already relies on (often giving better performance). It makes it easy to share your connection ith any other computers (such as laptops). As mentioned, it's more secure with NAT and firewalls. It's always on, so no need to 'dial in'.

If you get a wireless router your DS and your Wii can connect directly to the router (via WEP and 11b), without the Nintendo dongle.

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