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Sooo confused!

BBT Chris

Standard Member
Hi all,

New here but need your help as way too much to take in and my heads gonna explode :s

I'm moving and getting new AV gear. Trouble is I've no idea what to get!

I've been recommended to look into Panasonic as I've had a plasma of the same brand for 7 yrs and had no trouble with it at all.

I want to go for a 55" tv guys in the lounge, any recommendations? WiFi enabled, not really bothered about 3D to be honest.

I also need a 42" for the bedroom and 42/37" for the kitchen, any ideas?

Sorry for the lack of knowledge on my behalf but I hope I've come to the right place...

My main problem is I love my music and films but can't decide on what setup to get, i.e...what amp and speaker arrangement.

I've had a Denon AVR-2801 amp for 12 yrs and it's been awesome and still going on strong and also have KEF 60 S speakers incl. sub. That setup has done me proud and is being relocated upstairs for a games room along with a projector - need advice on what to get on that count too...

I've been reading up on whats around and have settled on either -

Focal 800 5.1 AV Speakers Package
KEF R100 5.1 Speaker Package
B&W CM9 Theatre

any recommendations???

The rear speakers will be wall mounted along with the tv - is this best to wall mount the rears? I'd love floor-standing speakers for the remainder of the install as I believe you get better sound in general and I think they look far sexier than wall mounted ones...

I also need an additional 2 speakers as the room is basically divided into 2 via a fireplace, i.e...I've a tele area of approx. 3.5m x 3.6m then there's the fireplace and another seating area for when I want to listen to music of approx. 2.2m x 3.6m.

When I'm watching films/tv I want the speakers on in the tv area and the seating area speakers to join the other speakers when I'm listening to music. I hope I've not confused anyone with my ramblings lol! Think I've confused myself now!

I also need a decent soundbar for the bedroom and kitchen as I don't really want a plethora of speakers or the missus will kick my ass! Listened to the Sonos Playbar and was pretty impressed by it! Or perhaps speakers in the kitchen ceiling?

Money wise...I'd say roughly approx. £3,000 or so for the audio gear?
Tv's...£3,000 for 3 sets roughly?
Amp...no idea!
Cabling....outta my league so I've no idea again!
Projector...again....I've no knowledge of them!
Soundbar... £500-£1000?
Is there anything else I've missed???

I also want to have the amp,sky box put under the stairs as I want minimal stuff on show. But how do I control it if I can't see it? I realise I'm new to this AV but please don't shoot me for my ignorance lol!

Any help would be greatly appreciated guy :)


ps.....AGHHHHHHH...Also do I get the house futerproofed (?!?!?) with CAT 6?
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Besides the fireplace, what adjoins the two rooms. That is, what is the passage way between them? One or more doorways? Or is the Fireplace (somewhat) free standing in the middle of a single large room?

Will you have a TV in addition to the Projection Screen?

Next, have you picked the speakers you are considering based on price, or on their functionality?

Before we go any further, let's examine that £3000 budget. What does that include? If it is just speakers, then that's excellent, but if you expect amp, speakers, and projector from that budget it is extremely lean.

Which Focal 800 are you considering? Might I recommend the Focal 826V floorstanding as the best blend of big speakers with big sound, yet small enough to fit in a small room.

Focal 826V Floorstanders at Audio Affair

Though I will say that the entire 800 series is crystal clear. And depending on your circumstance that 816V would not be amiss -

Focal 816V Speakers (Pair) at Audio Affair

Excellent for movie, but with adequate bass for music.

The reason I mention budget, is that you are looking an unknown Focal 800 series. KEF R100 bookshelf, and large B&W CM9. That doesn't seem to be a consistent range of speakers.

Myself, in a small room, it would be between the 826 and 816 floorstanding and the B&W CM8 floorstanding. Though there is nothing wrong will all bookshelf assuming the front are a bit larger.

For example -

Kef R300 -

KEF R300 5.1 Speaker Package at Audio Affair

Focal 807V -

Focal 807 V Stand Mount Speakers (Pair) at Audio Affair

B&W CM5 -

Superfi Online - Bowers Wilkins CM5 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

These would cover both music, depending on the style, and movies very nicely.

For reference, here is the smaller CM8 Floorstanding compared the sizable CM9 -



The B&W CM floorstanding series are a bit odd. The -3db bass response is very high, yet as it drops down to -6db, the -6db is pretty typical. Take the CM8, -3db is 69hz, that's pretty high, but at -6db is a pretty reasonable 43hz. This is excellent for a home cinema system, and many use the CM8 for music listening and are very satisfied with the results. Though I think I can safely say these satisfied users are not 16 years old.

As to the Kef "R" series, all indications are that these are very clear and satisfying speakers. But I think I would favor the R300 over the smaller R100 for front speakers. That raises the price considerably.

With the right Bookshelf, you can certainly come up with a fine system that will work well in you small space. Floorstanding are a little more difficult to place, and to some extent, it depends on how you lay out our room.

For example, if you put the TV and front speaker above and beside the Fireplace you are going to get much less benefit of having a (seemingly) open floorplan. However, if you place the TV on the far wall opossite the fireplace, you are going to get more benefit from the open space of the adjoining room. Which is why I asked about how the rooms adjoin. If this is a very open floorplan, you in essence get to acoustically use the space of both rooms. However, if the space adjoining them is narrow or restricted, that added space gives little benefit.

In the example of the TV above the fireplace, you are mostly restricted to the space you are in. In the example or the TV opposite the Fireplace, and assuming a very open floorplan you are to some extent also playing into the additional space of the second room. With out clear detals of the room, it is hard to understand how the two room will interact.

My advice would be good sized bookshelf, if the space is restricted. But if the space is very open and usable, then small floorstanding would be OK.

One additional factor to consider is that Bookshelf in front need Stands, that is an additional expense, but not a deal breaker. The price can typically be between £50 and closer to £100 for a pair of nice stands. Though it is certainly possible to pay more.

In Bookshelf, the CM5 are very good speakers, very clear and detailed with sufficient bass for music listening. The R300 put you a bit over the top, but there may be way to reduce the price just a bit by substituting a different brand Subwoofer. The entire Focal 800 series are very clear and impressive speakers, each increasing models maintaining the clarity, just giving you a bit more bass. The Focal 807V have a rated bass of 50hz at -3db, which would give an estimated 43hz or 44hz at -6db which is fine for music listening and about as good as bookshelf speakers get.

Your space is very small, so I certainly would not recommend large floorstanding speakers like the CM9. CM8 would be better, and given the small space, and not knowing the configuration of the room better, I would say you will get the best result with larger bookshelf speakers.

That probably enough for now.

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BBT Chris

Standard Member
Hey Steve,

Awesome reply many thanks!

I'm looking at spending £3,000 on the speakers alone.

The room that they are going in is 17ft x 12ft and the chimney breast is literally in the middle of one of the walls that I want to mount the tv on. It's all one room basically :) I'm restricted as to where I can put my sofa as there's a huge bi-folding door of almost 3m and a large corner of glass on the adjacent wall. After looking at the plans of the house, I've decided to put the tv between the chimney breast and the far wall, still ample space of almost 2m.

In total, I'm looking at spending approx £15,000 as the developer said his electrician can do the install as he used to work for B + O so he knows what he's doing....

The games room/cinema will have a projector only along with Speakercraft speakers inset into the ceiling along with a sub.

I'm looking at getting a 55" plasma for the lounge, and a 37/40" for the kitchen and finally a 37" for my bedroom along with a playbar or possibly Speakercraft speakers inset in the ceiling again. The kitchen will also have these speakers in the ceiling as will my ensuite.

I've listened to the Speakercraft speakers in Stone Audio and was blown away by them. To be honest I want clean lines in my new house and though that speakers in the ceiling would be great for me and they sound sweet too. Do you have any ideas?

I'm going to use Sonos throughout the property and having it wired to Cat 6 for sky, networking, etc....

Will need an amp too and looking at spending upwards of £2,500 max for the projector....Do you know if the projector screen pain is any good?



Distinguished Member
Any chance of a floorplan or a couple of photos of the room, so we can get a better understanding of the limitations?

It sounds like you have several projects going on.

On the projector, in that small room, don't make the screen so big that you leave no room for speakers, and don't make it so big you can't take the full screen in in a single glance. In my opinion, simply because they can, people have screens much to big for the room. And most have TV for daily watching, and a projection screen strictly for movie.

Don't skimp on the projection screen either. Good high quality high reflectivity bright screens are expensive. Best to get one that drops down from the ceiling if this is not a dedicated home cinema room.

Again, be aware of my speaker size guideline. The more I think about it, the more I lean toward bookshelf in that small room, but compact floorstanding in front might still be workable if carefully chosen.


BBT Chris

Standard Member
Uploaded a plan of the room Steve as they've only built the property to the first floor so far.

Hope you can see what I mean from the plan about placement of the tv in-between the fireplace and far wall...should look pretty good :)

The projector is going in bedroom 4.

Are ceiling speakers not good then?





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I have no idea about audio, and not too much about TVs apart from the research I did recently before buying my 55" Panasonic plasma. Just wanted to point out that the new Pana range are coming out soon so the 2012 range (which I just got) are down in price a bit. I guess you'd be looking at the ST50, GT50 and VT50 range.


Distinguished Member
I think you have confused us as well. Really you have two system, one each in two rooms that we are dealing with. Let's make an effort to keep them as separate as possible, to avoid further confusion.

Can we assume the "Living Room" is going to be a standard TV and Sound system (17ft x 11ft). With the TV on the 17ft wall above the Fireplace?

And that "Bedroom 4" is going to be your Home Cinema Room, with Projector and Surround Sound system (11ft x 10ft)

Describe each individual system to us, making it clear which room you are talking about, then we can address each room separately. If I have misjudged the situation, please clarify, but make sure we understand which project you are referring to. Don't let them meld together in your response or we will never figure this out.

So, start again. Two Projects -

1.) Living Room - (details)

2.) Home Cinema Room - (details)


BBT Chris

Standard Member
Evening Steve,

Probably be easier if I attach a quote I've received as it should explain everything clearer better than I have tried lol!

Here's a quote Stone Audio sent me this morning....

Main system


£0399.00 1 x Sonos Connect:Amp

Sonos Connect:Amp / ZonePlayer 120 (ZP120)

£0860.00 4 x SpeakerCraft profile CRS6 One In-Ceiling Loudspeakers (£215 each) – Drawing Room

SpeakerCraft Profile CRS6 One Flangeless In-Ceiling Speaker

£1259.00 Room Total (inc VAT)


£1500.00 5x SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 One in-ceiling Cinema speaker System (£300 each)
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 One In-Ceiling Speaker

£0625.00 1x REL T7 Subwoofer

REL Serie T7 Subwoofer

£0499.00 1x Pioneer VSX-922 AV Receiver
Pioneer VSX-922 Receiver (VSX922)

£0279.00 1x Sonos Connect

Sonos Connect / ZonePlayer 90 (ZP90)

£0125.00 1x Qed Performance HDMI Cable 10m – Pioneer AV AMP to TV
QED Performance HDMI-E

£0067.95 1x Qed Performance Subwoofer Cable 6m
QED Performance Subwoofer Cable

£3095.95 Room Total (inc VAT)

Master Bed

£0599.00 1 x Sonos Play Bar


£0599.00 1 x Sonos Sub

Sonos SUB

£1198.00 Room Total (inc VAT)


£875.00 5x SpeakerCraft Profile AIM5 One in-ceiling Cinema speaker System (£175 each)
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM5 One In-Ceiling Speaker

£0625.00 1x REL T7 Subwoofer

REL Serie T7 Subwoofer

£0499.00 1x Pioneer VSX-922 AV Receiver
Pioneer VSX-922 Receiver (VSX922)

£0279.00 1x Sonos Connect

Sonos Connect / ZonePlayer 90 (ZP90)

£0125.00 1x Qed Performance HDMI Cable 10m – Pioneer AV AMP to PJ
QED Performance HDMI-E

£0067.95 1x Qed Performance Subwoofer Cable 6m
QED Performance Subwoofer Cable

£2799.00 1x Sony VPL-HW50ES Projector

Sony VPL-HW50ES Projector (VPLHW50ES)

£0495.00 1x Beamax 10245 motorised screen - 213x124cm (viewing area 203x115)

Beamax M-Compact Electrical Projector Screen

£0175.00 1x Peerless PRS-UNV universal projector ceiling bracket

£5939.95 Room Total (inc VAT)

HD TV distribution System

This system enables you to send up to 4 HD sources (e.g. 2 sky HD boxes, 1 Blu-ray player & 1 Apple TV) to four rooms with full infra-red control of the equipment from each TV position. Full HD 1080p quality to each TV screen.

£1484.52 WyreStorm MX-0404-QI 4 Input / 4 Output Full HD Matrix Switch including 4 Baluns

WyreStorm MX-0404-PRO 4 Input / 4 Output Full HD Matrix Switch

£0279.52 8x QED Performance 1m HDMI leads (£34.95 each)

QED Performance HDMI

£1764.04 HD Distribution Total (inc VAT)

£13256.94.30 Project Total (inc VAT)

Optional Additions

£0142.00 1x Western Digital 1TB network drive

Western Digital My Book World Edition

£0395.00 1x Pro-Control universal touch screen remote (inc basic programming)

Pro Control Pro24.R RF Remote

£0395.00 1x Pro-Control processor for above remote and iPad/iPhone integration (extra App costs apply)

Pro Control ProLink.R RF Processor

£0125.00 1x Sony BDP-S490 3D Blu-ray Player

Sony BDP-S490 3D Blu-ray Player (BDPS490)

£0275.00 1x SpeakerCraft Profile AIM7 DT One stereo speaker for en-suite

SpeakerCraft Profile AIM7 DT One

Hope this helps Steve....


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