Sony's E3 Presentation - Including PS Vita Details


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Sony held their E3 conference in, what was for us, the very early hours of this morning over in Las Vegas. As expected Sony's new portable console took pride of place as well as receiving its official name of PS Vita.

SCEA supremo Jack Tretton opened the show in concilliatory fashion by apologising for the recent PSN fiasco, "I want to apologise personally and on behalf of the company for any anxiety that we may have caused you," going on to say that PSN activity is around 90% of what it was prior to the outage.

Naturally Sony weren't go to dwell on the negativity for too long and it was on with the new portable. Vita, as we're sure you'll know, means life and Sony bigwig Kazuo Hirai says, "we're confident that Playstation Vita will be the first product that truly blurs those lines between entertainment and your real life; empowering you to play, interact, and connect like never before.” So no big claims there.

Hirai went on to give a quick run down of some of the of the Vita's key features: “The features alone are cutting-edge, two analog sticks that give you Dual-Shock-like control of games, a stunning multi-touch 5 inch OLED screen, front and rear touch-pads, Sixaxis motion sensing technology, and my favorite feature: front and rear cameras allowing for augmented-reality experiences never before seen, completely blurring the lines between reality and interactive entertainment.” - Yay for OLED!

Sony say the Vita currently has more than 80 games in development with portable versions of Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, WipEout and Super Stardust amongst the highlights. The Vita will go on sale this year with two SKU's on offer - a 3G offering or a WiFi only version. GAME are currently listing them as £279.99 and £229.99, respectively.

This being Sony, we weren't going to see their presentation pass without a good dose of 3D and indeed they had some further hardware to show off in the form of a 24" PlayStation branded monitor. The really interesting thing about it is its ability to allow 2 gamers to play competitively or cooperatively, in 3D, whilst each has their own unique full screen view. It sounds similar to something the new Philips TVs can do but it will be active shutter tech. The monitor will be bundled with a long HDMI cable, 2 pairs of specs and Resistance 3 - which is naturally 3D enabled. Other 3D games shown included Uncharted 3, a couple of remakes of the PSP God of War games and the Ico/Shadows collection.

It would probably be fair to say, like Microsoft yesterday, this wasn't a blockbusting E3 for Sony but they certainly didn't let the opportunity pass to 'gently massage' the 3D message in to our skulls.

Nintendo next - best till last perhaps?


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