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Sep 28, 2009
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4:05 AM - Yep, that's all. There's a wrap-up coming but that's it from us folks. It seems that Sony may well have won this one! Let us know your thoughts and opinion below and thanks for reading!

4:04 AM - That looks like it could be it from Sony for now

4:02 AM - PS4 will cost £349

4:01 AM - Vita support coming later.

4:00 AM - Andrew House now back with Cloud integration now taking focus. Gaikai will allow you to access PS3 from 2014 beginning in the US

3:59 AM - Be interesting to see where it goes from here as more environments are teased and it seems your journey could well be epic

3:58 AM - The premise for this looks pretty good despite the game having that generic sci-fi game appearance to it

3:57 AM - Public event just unfolded which sees gamers across the world (eventually) take part in big combat sequences and epic battles should you choose to do so

3:56 AM - Looting seems to play a part of things too much like Borderlands. One more drops in to the action as things start to take a turn for the worse.

3:54 AM - Weapon customisation and collection seems to be pivotal

3:53 AM - Some embarrassing 'banter' here as the demo is played by Tretton

3:52 AM - Shooting looks tight and the mix of fighting styles looks pretty interesting

3:50 AM - Lighting effects look good, overall quality seems high too.

3:50 AM - Emphasis being placed on gamers being able to drop-in to a game to explore the world as you choose.

3:48 AM - So far the game looks pretty slick

3:47 AM - Destiny now being premiered for PS4

3:46 AM - New games to be available to members each month

3:45 AM - PS4 launch will see exclusive access to Drive Club for PS+ members

3:44 AM - Existing membership will carry over to PS4, no extra charges

3:44 AM - Cross-game chat now available as well as playing games that are being downloaded. PS+ service to be expanded

3:43 AM - Well that's me sold now.

3:43 AM - No online connection required either. Massive blow for Microsoft here, no periodic online check-in needed.

3:42 AM - Game can be traded, lent out or sold forever. No restrictions.


3:41 AM - 140 games in development for PS4 with over 100 released in the first year

3:40 AM - Jack Tretton now back on stage to surely discuss pricing and release etc

3:39 AM - Oh no the guy was still alive... Until Mad Max ran him over!

3:38 AM - Next premiere clip coming up now. Desert landscape and a dead body so far...

3:37 AM - New monsters, new locations and new characters as you'd expect with missions you can complete on your own or together from Spring 2014

3:35 AM - The Elder Scrolls Online coming now and initial signs are good. It looks brilliant.

3:34 AM - Here we go with the sport stuff from Sony. UK gamers can zone out now as we can expect some US sport stuff here. Yep, Basketball to start with.

3:33 AM - Interesting stuff indeed, looks like it will be one to buy and has an hours extra content of PS4

3:32 AM - Someone else is playing the game too via a tablet it seems after calling for their help in-game. Seems they can help you escape sticky situations

3:30 AM - You can jump between devices in order to distract your enemies and manipulate environment

3:29 AM - Hacking into cameras and databases is going to be key to your success and completing missions

3:28 AM - Audio sounds fantastic too. Car engine and tyre screeches in the tunnel are ace.

3:27 AM - In-game graphics look sublime. This one looked amazing from the off and doesn't look like it's letting off.

3:26 AM - Watch Dogs demo going live now which will show how you can approach each situation how you wish

3:25 AM - Jonathan Morin talking about Watch Dogs now as the AC demo goes pear-shaped it seems

3:24 AM - Graphics look good but it's still just the usual AC for me I'm afraid. The demo is stuttering and stalling too, this is quite embarrassing indeed.

3:23 AM - Not long before the demo reverts to scampering across rooftops and an inevitable ship battle which everyone seemed to hate from AC 3

3:23 AM - Let's be honest, I'm still buzzing from the KH 3 announcement

3:22 AM - Script seems a lot better this time round, worthwhile NPC dialogue and some nice foliage detail

3:20 AM - Slight stutter and stall before the demo starts. Nothing like the DICE disaster earlier but a little embarrassing.

3:19 AM - There's now a demo on of the game which is running real time and in-game. Looks pretty good actually.

3:18 AM - AC: Black Flag on show here now. Is anyone bothered about such things these days?

3:17 AM - Oh hell yes, Kingdom Hearts 3 is happening and it looks fantastic

3:17 AM - Another trailer here and it's only KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!

3:16 AM - Oh, it's FF XV

3:15 AM - Looks like it could be their answer to Raiden from the MGS brand coupled with GoW

3:14 AM - We're now onto some in-game footage. Third person sword combat with huge set pieces

3:11 AM - Message from Square Enix now saying they'll explain details later as per usual with these things. Trailer now rolling though of a new RPG it seems

3:11 AM - Onto the big games now.

3:10 AM - Nice to see passion surround indie games. Microsoft take note.

3:10 AM - A new Oddworld is coming too, with a remake of the first game coming

3:07 AM - Plenty of indie games coming to PS4 it seems, all of which look pretty good actually. Good to see some creative minds display their wares and get a home

3:07 AM - Take that Microsoft, Sony will support new indie games. Don't Starve is coming to PS4 too

3:07 AM - Indie support doesn't stop there as they can publish their own content

3:06 AM - Another platformer it seems which looks rather nice and interesting it must be said

3:05 AM - Transistor is their new title which will launch exclusively on PS4 next year.

3:04 AM - Supergiant Games coming to the stage now.

3:03 AM - New speaker on stage and it's Adam Boyes

3:02 AM - A weird little demo but didn't really give us much to go on

3:01 AM - Dark Sorcerer is the title of the demo

2:59 AM - Quantic Dream have worked on a tech demo to demonstrate the PS4's power and capabilities. All running real time in the game.

2:58 AM - Some of these games will launch with PS4

2:58 AM - Knack is next, some new bits shown off

2:56 AM - Drive Club next, just another clip as Second Son now shows. It's just clips so far which look good but it'd be nice to see some gameplay footage.

2:55 AM - Is Killzone not just the same now though? What do you guys think? Admittedly it looks great but nothing really new.

2:54 AM - Latest update on four titles from February announcement. Killzone on display right now...

2:52 AM - Interesting clip so far, a zombie game set in the past? It's called the Order set in the 1800's

2:51 AM - Looks like London on show here from the 1700's? An alternate London clearly.

2:51 AM - In-engine footage, not in-game though.

2:50 AM - 12 are new IP's. One on show now exclusive for PS4, from Santa Monica.

2:50 AM - 30 PS4 titles in development with 20 released in first year of launch

2:49 AM - Oh dear, social media talked about already....

2:48 AM - Shu Yoshida on stage now to talk about the games for the PS4

2:47 AM - Talk goes back to the games now thankfully.

2:46 AM - Pay-per-view events coming too with Flixster support later this year

2:45 AM - Sod the music and video unlimited services, I thought this was all about the games...

2:45 AM - Bit of a focus on other media here, let's not go down the Microsoft route here....

2:44 AM - Sony pictures is working on new programs and content only on PSN

2:43 AM - PS4 will provide entertainment through music and films still

2:42 AM - Michael Lynton from Sony pictures on stage as he looks to detail some of the content heading PS4's way

2:41 AM - Providing relevant media and content is touted.

2:40 AM - Going down the Xbox One route with gloss and matt finish. Its square and angular to say the least

2:39 AM - Design is sleek and.... Looks pretty weird actually.

2:38 AM - Console of unparalleled power, with Cloud technology

2:37 AM - PS4 will build upon visions created by PS3 and building worlds without boundaries. Andrew House coming on now to discuss further.

2:36 AM - GTA V mentioned, exclusive PS3 bundle available. Exclusive headset for PS3 too. More info on GTA coming soon.

2:36 AM - Content only for PS with Origins

2:35 AM - Arkham Origins looks good it must be said

2:34 AM - Batman is coming back to PS, a great trailer being shown off here.

2:32 AM - New physics, new tyre models and new suspension models being shown. Car porn for sure.

2:31 AM - GT 6 now on offer. As usual, it's the flash trailer we'd expect from them

2:30 AM - All well and good but no gameplay footage here...

2:29 AM - Beyond Two Souls now being shown, army drill camp sections and Police training sequence

2:28 AM - Creepy video now rolling for Rain....

2:27 AM - Looking as sweet as ever I must say but this isn't the reason why we're all here really. Puppeteer video now rolling.

2:26 AM - PS3 support is strong as ever. Last of Us video playing now to highlight some of the coming support for PS3 this year.

2:25 AM - Vita will tap into PS4 games via WiFi and the Share button

2:24 AM - New Walking Dead episodes coming to Vita with added content and previous series.

2:23 AM - Platform is getting stronger with indie support, 85 titles coming to the handheld by the close of the year. Including Batman Origins, Flower & Dead Nation.

2:22 AM - Vita is just beginning its life cycle apparently.

2:21 AM - Starting with PS3 and Vita to start with.

2:21 AM - Thanking everyone here. Gets onto PS4 eventually.

2:21 AM - Starts with customary spiel

2:20 AM - Jack Tretton takes the stage

2:19 AM - There's Sleeping Dogs, NBA, GT and loads more!

2:18 AM - Drum and bass to kick us off, it's a Sony rave! Clips rolling of games to come.

2:17 AM - Lights down and we're off, video rolling

2:16 AM - One minute and we'll be rolling apparently...

2:13 AM - *Rolls eyes and whistles* This best be worth it Sony!

2:11 AM - People still entering the room apparently, Sony cramming folks in despite being late. Come on guys, poor form.

2:08 AM - Sony running late it would seem

2:06 AM - Still, we wait....

2:05 AM - So after a recap from the announcement earlier in the year we're still waiting on the conference to begin.

2:03AM - It seems were having to wait for a bit first...

2:00AM - Here we go guys, it's time. Let's see what delights Sony is going to bring to the table... Kingdom Hearts 3 for the win!

1:00AM -One hour to go until Sony show their hands, who is still out there sticking it out until the early hours?

The world's media and publicists are gathering in the USA as E3 is upon us and we're bracing for wave upon wave of exciting news coming from Microsoft and Sony.

Both big players have shown their hands, in one way or another, and this week we can expect to find out all the nitty gritty and juicy gossip about the machines and finally get a glimpse of what the PS4 looks like.

Much like our coverage of other big announcements, we will be following events live with a text blog keeping you up to date with all the announcements and information in one handy, list form. That's right, I'll be sticking it out into the early hours to bring you all the latest and best details. We'll also be hosting the stream on this thread, and you'll be able to comment here.

So whether you feel like being a night owl with me, or you read up on the announcements the morning after we welcome you to comment and share your opinions on Sony's new black box!
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Well the Microsoft conference is over and, well, let's say it wasn't to my taste and leave it at that. The conference was very dull and uninspired whilst the cost of the machine has left something to be desired; £429.

As far as I'm concerned, Sony will be laughing behind the scenes right now and are preparing a mass assault on MS as we speak. Not that they'll need it because it won't take much beating at this rate. A sub £400 price tag and I'm sold.
well i am at work all night so ill be here checking up whenever i get a free minute !
I hope Sony nail this !
well i am at work all night so ill be here checking up whenever i get a free minute !
I hope Sony nail this !

Kingdom Hearts 3 and around £350 price tag and I will pre-order straight away. I think they're going to nail this year no doubt which I don't think is too hard.
Could be first YLOD for PS4 perhaps??
1 min start!! 2.17am

Finally get a look at the console. Hugely underwhelming!! Big grey/black wonky slab. Sony need to nick some of Apples Designers. New Mac Pro announced today is stunningly different and looks great!

Come on Sony, you can do better! Lets hope it at least has 4 usb3 ports. Probably only 1!

3.55am. Great blogging Stephen. Missed a trick though. Stated PS4 online multiplayer is for PSN Plus members only. No Plus membership you're stuck on single player.

Overall a better proposition than Xbox One for sure. Shame the design isn't more striking. Hopefully the build quality better than launch PS3 with those solder flow YLOD issues. £349 good price point.
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I was pleased to see that there are quite a few ps3 games still to come. They all look very good.

The presentation I thought was a bit dull. I dont think there was anywhere near the exclusivity that ms have.

I thought the Ps4 its self was very small in comparison to the size the PS3 was at launch. A lot of the game footage was very nice to the eye and I think with the price point and the fact you will be able to trade in your games, Sony might just start getting more pre orders now.
MS have a better games lineup at launch. It also comes with the Kinect as standard.

PS4 has nothing outstanding to me. Felt the same way about the PS3.
MS have a better games lineup at launch. It also comes with the Kinect as standard.

PS4 has nothing outstanding to me. Felt the same way about the PS3.

I think the problem with the One is the Kinect reliance and the fact you can't use the thing without it. Would save a lot for those who aren't bothered for it (probably £100 at least).

I think they're about level in terms of games. Neither really showed killer exclusives, some good and interesting stuff don't get me wrong but the pricing and game model that Sony have laid down means they're getting my pre-order.

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