Sonyrdrgx700 Recording Problem ?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by rocketroger, Apr 3, 2005.

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    :confused: Hi all, i hope someone can help me out before i take back my sony rdrgx700 dvd recorder because it may be faulty?. The problem is i bought this recorder about 3 months ago, yesterday i made a birthday party film of my nephews daughter. I used a a canon mv730i dv camcorder (brand new) whilst recording the footage onto a dvd in the sony dvd recorder everything seemed perfect and copied the dv tape fine. I recorder on the 2 hour mode (sp mode). However when i played the dvd that i recorded on the dvd recorder, i notice that the images and pictures had a little haze around them especially when someone was moving in the recording, its like a ghost effect, like the images were leaving a trail (like when you watch fireworks in a dark night sky). This is more noticable on darker objects ie clothing and when filming my dvd recorder faulty or is it something to do with the lighting, even though the recording was done a naturally lit community hall. ie (daylight)
    When watching the footage whilst recording it was excellent and i could see none of the problems i have just mentioned ....any help and advice will be greatly appreciated, anyone notice this on their dvd recorders.? :lease:

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