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:hiya: First post in this forum so a question if I may.
For the past 14r ys or so have been useing a Ferguson 28 inch dolby sound
surround tv and a brilliant tv it's been and still is.

Had sky digital for several yrs and when pressing the off button on the sky remote it would put both the sky box and my tv in standby mode,we would then just turn off power to tv at the plug and leave sky box in stanby mode,turning power for tv on again at the wall plug would then bring tv into stanby mode,then press sky button on the sky remote would turn sky box and tv on again to the
sky channels on AV,and thats how I've always used it.

Have just been given by my sister a Sony KV-32FX65 U that had little use (six yrs old)and have today been setting it up best I can,got a brill picture on normal tv (bbc1/bbc2 etc) and on sky digital *but* when useing the sky remote it turns on the sky digi box but does *not* turn tv on from standby or turn to AV channel and I have to use the normal Sony remote control to (1) turn on tv
(2) to select the AV channel.

I getting old in the head (and the rest of me) :thumbsdow so would the sky remote need the Sony code entered into it to cure this problem ??.

If so do I have to contact sky for codes /customer services or other.

Sorry for the long post.


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You need to program the Sky remote with the generic code 0000 for a Sony also need to make sure the Sky is connected by a scart lead from the socket marked "TV Scart" on the digibox to an RGB enabled scart socket on the TV (AV1) and that RGB (instead of PAL) and "Scart Control" is set to on under the "Services", "System Setup", "Picture Settings" menu for best pic quality and automatic AV switching.


You need to program the Sky remote with the generic code 0000 for a Sony TV...

Hi Jaycee
Many thanks for the information above,afraid I don't know the way to program the remote control,can you advise please? ie what buttons need to be pushed and how to store the settings. :confused:



Follow the instructions at for inputting the 4 digit code.

Hi again Jaycee.

Thanks for the link above it helped a lot :smashin: .

Programed the sky remote with the code you gave me
0000 and can now control some of the things on the tv
with the sky remote,the rest of the settings you suggested
under services ie RGB,AV1 on etc were already selected
and stored for my previous Fergy tv.

I can operate tv sound,mute,can bring the tv out of standy
by pressing tv button then power on the sky remote,also
tv/power again to return tv to standy, press the SKY button
of couse turns on the sat box.

Still can't do the same as I could with the Ferguson tv I had
ie with the power turned off at the wall socket for the tv I
use to.

1) turn tv power at the wall so tv is powered up to standy mode/
sky box is always in standby mode .

2) Press sky button on remote which turned on sky box
and at the same time it turned the tv on to AV1 where
the sky pictures would appear ready to watch.

*Now* with the sony tv/sky box/ I turn on at the wall socket
to put tv in stanby mode/ I then press the blue sky button
which turns sky box on *but* it does not turn the tv on as
before with the ferguson.I have to press the *tv* button on
sky remote then press the power button on the sky remote
before the tv will come on .

Turning all off I press the sky button and that put sky box in
stanby mode, I then have to press tv button on sky remote
then the power button to put tv in stanby mode.

With the Ferguson setup pressing the blue sky button when
all was on would turn both Sky box and tv off to stanby mode,
pressing blue sky button again would turn it all back on again
from standby.

While at the site you linked me to I did find some 3 digit codes
for Sony tv/sky remote,do you think they may help instead of
the 0000 code ?

Sorry for long answer-job to explain in short.
Once again many ,many thanks for your help,
think I'm getting to old for all these gadgets :confused:


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You don't have the wrong's working the way it's meant have just been used to/spoilt with the workings/design of the old Ferguson model you had...most modern TVs are switched the way your Sony is operating and that is will not be able to do the same I'm afraid...but it's only a couple of extra button pushes at the end of the day.:D


...most modern TVs are switched the way your Sony is operating and that is will not be able to do the same I'm afraid...but it's only a couple of extra button pushes at the end of the day.:D

Hi Jaycee.
Thanks again,yes of course no probs with the extra button push or two just a case of getting used to it after 13 or more yrs of the Ferguson.

Now had time to fiddle with it I'm impressed with picture,it has a lot to live up to,the ferguson was a very very good picture.

Setting up the tv has not been help by a dodgy scart lead that worked //did'nt work,so been and got two decent ones today and alls well.

Just can't believe the weight of the thing 64kg tv plus heavy duty stand that must go 30kg +,needed to meet this one 30 yrs ago when I was a lot younger
Thanks for your help.

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