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please some one must have the hack

There is NO Handset hack your request will keep coming up Blank! matter how many times you ask !

The only way to Hack this model is using the Service Remote codes applied Via a One For All , Palm Pilot or a similar Programming Device .

See under Sony on the Top of this Page entitled "Sticky: Hack list. Looking for a hack? Start here"...the Service codes options are covered quite well on it.

There are many Sony posts on this and other forums that will confirm that the player is NOT hackable with it's own Remote.

You can also use a "Chipping Company" to help you , see the Banner Below or do a Google Search.

Your original request says how to Hack to a Region 1 ...not sure if this means to Hack a Region 1 player or to Hack a player from another Region (R2) to enable Region 1 play....the reason I ask this is outlined below.

If your player is Region 1 (NTSC) by default I think you will find that even if the Codes are applied (either via yourself or a "Chipping Company") the player will still NOT Be able to play Region 2 PAL European disks only Region 2 Japanese NTSC disks as your Player cannot read PAL no matter what...It will be able to read any NTSC disks but not PAL...

Athough as you live in Europe your player is probably OK for PAL and you want your Player to be able to Play Region 1 disks.

Hope this Helps you make up your mind as to your next course of action


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