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i have decide to by a Sony television but i don't know what type of them..when we going to shops we see many television and for each one different type and different one its expert to know what mean many different type and numbers..even me i don't have any idea for them..for that im asking here for help..i want to by a Sony television..i don't know why im focused on Sony but i thot Sony its best tv manufacture budget its limited ..

what im looking for ???..

1 - must be Sony manufacturers ..if someone prove other manufacture im open to them..but please don't suggest LG or Samsung..i don't like them..
2 - at list 46 inch..
3 - my budget its limited to maximum 800 pound..if someone suggest to spend and 50 pound more maybe i change my mind..but i cant go more than 850...
4 - i want simple television..i don't mind if its on 3D or not or any other specification ..its family television .. if its long life television , if have a good picture its very good for me ..we use then to see television or dvd and not for playing games or bla bla bla ..simple..
5 - the model your suggested must have PAL B/G analog tuner...this its important for me.. i cant by television who don't have this system of analog tuner..i have bought last year one Panasonic and when i bought i dont know what its that system..i never use abroad because he have just PAL I system..i have to use this television abroad and most of europian country have pal B/G analog tuner..i dont mind if the television don't have other module of analog tuner..

i dont know if i give all information for that what im looking..just ask if any one need more information


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thank you scooby..last year i bought one panasonic txp42x10b...problem its this type not working on my country..i ask for help and problem its integrated tuner..on most of european country its PAL B/ its PAL I..Today i read on internet some country converting PAL sistem on DVB-T system..i dont know if this model you suggested support
this system..on Wikipedia say ;
Over 120 countries and territories use or once used the terrestrial PAL system. Many of these are currently converting terrestrial PAL to DVB-T (PAL still often used by cable TV or in conjunction with a digital standard, such as DVB-C).
Albania (DVB-T introduction started in 2004)
..its mean if the television have option DVB-T can work on albania...

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