Sony ZH8 owners thread - table for one!


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Who is selling at £2700/£3000? Thanks.
Sevenoaks have 7 for sale atm. Had my eye em them for a month or so.
Just waiting until the price is right...


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Probably centres direct, refurbished.

Sony Centre - Refurbished TV

Maybe.... They’re still £3000 there tho...
Thanks for the heads up, I might wait until this time next year when the Z9J is a similar price, just cos it’s a lot more future proof..... Unless I see a once in a lifetime deal for the Z8H & I think I might as these are not at all popular.
Anyone who’s got £3,000 to spend on a TV wants an OLED now a days, I’m the opposite as I’ve had 2 back to back & will definitely keep the one I already have to go with my future Sony 75” LED... Only question is Z8H,X95J or Z9J? 🤔

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