Sony XZ2 Compact, simple questions.


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-So it has a night mode/ low blue light it any good? Is is configurable, can i make it very yellow? ( i ditched the last sony i had as you couldnt choose a night mode/ set the rgb?? basic stuff!)

-Can you configure each app to have its own notification sound/vibrated option (cant do on iphone?!? basic stuff) . This is important as i have home security app and i need to notice this ONE app. Its useless when all apps have the same notification sound?! - i have searched...and searched...but its not clear.

-Can you MOVE (not copy....MOVE) photos to folders you create on the phone? So i treat my main photos folder like an inbox...and i move out most of the photos to folders that covers a problem/topic... (again you cannot move pics in an iphone...complete garbage, so i have a 'recents' folder, i think the name of this folder which cannot be changed and is where all your photos go is some kind of inside joke at apple...and my 'recents' folder has pics 4 years old in you can NEVER move the pics out of it...not really recent is it? It used to be called 'cameraroll' which made more sense.)

IF any one has a XZ2 compact and can answer it would be much appreciated!


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I have the XZ2, and you can physically move to created folders through the Files app.
I think regardless of where the folders are, when you open Sony's Album app, you can choose to view all content or folders.

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