Sony Xperia 1 MkII & MkIII - Volume levels for EU phones.


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Now that LG is leaving the smartphone market it leaves really only Sony taking audio seriously with an onboard 3.5mm jack.

I currently have an Xperia 1 Mk II, but the EU versions are always horribly volume limited, really too low for anything except high sensitivity IEMs.

Forums and internet wisdom say this is because Sony take the EU nanny-state volume limit legislation to rather too extreme extent. Non-EU phones apparently are not so horribly restricted, but it's very difficult to work around without rooting the phone or purchasing it in a different region where you would lose warranty.

Now I don't generally listen particularly loudly, but the volume restrictions on these phones are ridiculous.

So at the moment I have to use an external DAC if I want to drive my headphones or some IEMs, which is silly and negates the purpose of the 3.5mm jack. If Sony's marketing material is to be taken at all seriously they have done quite a bit of work on the sound quality in these phones.

So I guess my real question is does anyone have any suggestions?

I have recently discovered that there are volume boosting apps, and of course there are equalizer apps and apps that bypass the 48Khz Android restrictions.

Looking for recommendations to be able to listen using the 3.5mm jack with a wider range of IEMs/Headphones.


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If it is the same as the Sony digital audio players then Sony has implemented a software volume cap on their EU smartphones. Cheaper and more efficient than a hardware cap that requires a separate manufacturing line.

Whether it is possible to flash non UK or non EU firmware onto Sony smartphones is another matter. Without looking it up, even if doable you likely lose official warranty support

I suspect the answer is hope Sony treat the UK like other non EU English language nations going forward. Or if you are impatient then import from abroad and double check that UK networks are supported

P.s. I believe Motorola still support built in 3.5mm jacks without the need to buy a dongle

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