Sony XH95 Vs XH90 Vs Samsung Q80T


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Hi all

Been lurking these parts for a few months now trying to decide on which TV to buy once sales season starts. I'll provide a bit of info.

I currently have a 43 inch LG UH620V, it's a about 4 years old. About a year in it developed purplish blotches over about half the screen so went in under warranty for a replacement panel. Same thing has gradually happened again and it's now at a point where I find it almost unwatchable.

My absolute maximum budget is £900, give or take (managed to talk the other half up from £600).
It will be used almost exclusively for streamed HD/4k/HDR content, with occasional HD broadcast TV.
Viewing distance is approximately 2.5 meters.
TV is usually watched in a dimly lit room in the evenings.
No gaming at all, just streamed movies and TV.

I've found the following (including extra discount from work) that I'm interested in, but looking for opinions from those who know a bit more than me!

Option 1: 55 inch Sony XH9505 from Currys, £929
Option 2: 55 inch Sony XH9005 from Currys, £836
Option 3: 55 inch Samsung Q80T from Samsung, £809

These are the questions I have

1. Will I notice much difference between these and my old LG?
2. Is the extra cost of the XH95 worth it over the XH90?
3. Is the extra cost of either Sony worth it over the Samsung?
4. Does 55 inches look that much different from 43 inches?
4. Any other suggestions within my budget?

Cheers all!


Try to avoid buying from Currys if you can help it. You'll get better customer service and aftersales from somewhere like John Lewis or Richer sounds.

For HDR on a limited budget with a 2.5m viewing distance consider the 65" Hisense U8Q. 2.5m is a long distance to view even a 65" TV, let alone a 55".

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Won't see that much difference with UHD content because you are viewing so far away from a 55" TV. You will get an all round boost in picture quality overall because you currently view so far from such a small TV though.


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Thanks, I guess I'm so used to the 43" that I'd considered 65" to be overkill.

I had looked at that Hisense in 55" but read some unfavourable reviews and upped the budget in an attempt for better quality. Is there much in it between the U8QF and the previously mentioned Sony sets in your opinion?

Would you say going up in size trumps the difference in quality if there is a noticeable one?

Thanks again for your help!


No, there's not enough about the Sony that warrants downsizing in my opinion. Like all TVs there are things the Sony XH9505 also does wrong like the Hisense.

But its true its a better all-round TV, but not substantially so. The main area I think the Sony will look better than the Hisense is with broadcast TV. Once you get to high quality HDR material you just can't ignore the sheer amount of price vs performance ratio you get with the Hisense U8Q.

I have no problem adjusting from a 43" to a 65". I just did it for a second time.

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