Sony Xh90 best set up advice?!


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Hey guys. I ordered the Sony centre refurb Xh90 due to arrive this week.

I have a ps5 and a Sky Q 2tb box to connect. Also a firestick.

I'm curious about how to set it up.

I want Dolby Vision movies but I don't believe Sky Q offers Dolby Vision just HLG? If so is it pointless connecting this to the HDMI 4 port?

I also don't believe the PS5 offers Dolby Vision? For Blu-ray movies? (If so shame)

So does this mean the only way I will get Dolby vision is via the native TV apps such as Netflix etc?

Presumably I can't get DV via the Sky Q Netflix app as that's also presumably HLG too?!

Confusing myself as to which port will go where to get the best use of the TV as I don't want to be missing out on anything.

Ps5 I will want 120hz option so presumably that's only hdmi 3/4.

If Sky Q is only HLG HDR then presumably this only needs to use HDMI 1/2 (2.0).

Finally no soundbar yet but I will go EARC at some point one of the 2.1s will need to be used for this.



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Don't know about PS5, but the Sky Q (at best) is HLG (if you have a v2/v3 Sky Q box). The hardware won't output anything higher from their. Good news is that the built-in apps will support DV if your TV does, and I believe that it now does LLDV too?

In terms of settings, check this video out


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Cheers pal! Is LLDV the full fat Dolby vision I believe? Does Netflix offer this? Always thought streaming services downscaled it? Frustrating as I have a ps5 and I don't think that offers Dolby vision (wanted to check some Blu-ray's out) Yes I was sure Sky only offers HLG so presuming the sky on board Netflix can only offer the same? A little hassle as I'd have preferred everything to work well via the Sky Q box. Not the end of the world.

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