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Question Sony XD83 vs Sony XE80 vs Samsung KU6450

Planet Caravan

Novice Member

I have serious doubts about which tv I should buy.

First a little background information:
- Now have a Samsung HD Ready tv 32" (about 8 years old)
- Need a new tv mainly for playing regular PS4 games
- Watch Netflix (want to watch 4K HDR content)
- Stream TV from iPad to TV with Chromecast
- Size 40" - 43"

My budget is € 1.100,00

I want a tv that allows PS4 games to look absolute stunning on the screen.
I play games like GTA 5, Battlefield 1, etc...
When I play games I sit about 1m from the tv.
When I watch netflix I sit about 3m from te tv.

For a long time I was leaning towards the Sony KD43XD8305 (2016). But I can't find many reviews about this tv.
- Is the upscaling 1080p to 4K good?
- Is the input lag good for gaming?
- Is the contrast and colors accurate?
- Is the motion flow good for gaming?
- Is the 4K good?
- Is the HDR good?
- What I like about this TV is that it still has SCART, so I can connect my classic Xbox to the tv.
- I can buy this tv on Bol.com for +- € 800,00

Then I stumbled on the Samsung UE40KU6450.
Is this tv better for my needs then the Sony?
- I can buy this tv in Vandenborre for +- € 700,00

Now they launched the new 2017 Sony Bravias.
Within my budget is the Sony XE80. But I think this tv is still worse than te XD83.
Am I right?
- I can buy this tv in Mediamarkt for +- € 1.100,00

Thanks in advance for the replies. Other suggestions are also welcome.
I just want to buy a descent tv that will keep me going for at least 6 years.



Have you read my previous thread? It doesn't have 2017 models yet but most of them are overpriced for what they are at the moment anyway: HDR TVs for gamers - Buying Guide

Its in my thread but:

Sony KD43XD8305
- Is the upscaling 1080p to 4K good? - Every UHD TV has good upscaling of 1080p
- Is the input lag good for gaming? - Yes its decent
- Is the contrast and colors accurate? No they are not, it uses an IPS panel so you get an inferior contrast level vs VA type panel tv's like the 43XD80. Colours are decent with HDR and SDR.
- Is the motion flow good for gaming? - Motion is good
- Is the 4K good? - Yes
- Is the HDR good? - No

Samsung UE40KU6450 - Same category as above really, slightly less input lag. Not a good choice for movies as it has 3:2 pulldown judder.

Sony XE80 - From what I have seen so far, its actually worse than the XD80 at 43 due to its use of an IPS panel at that size also. It will perform much the same as the XD83.

tldr - You are so close in budget to being able to afford a Samsung KS series tv. I wouldn't consider buying anything less for a decent HDR experience. I'm guessing you'll want decent HDR for future HDR games? They are hard to find now but you can often find great deals on the KS7500..at least here in the UK.
At 3M for viewing other content UHD on a 43" tv has no advantage so its also important to have a capable HDR TV.

There really isn't good value to be found at that size though, it usually doesn't cost much more to get a 55" tv vs a 43" one.

Planet Caravan

Novice Member

I know the KS7500 is good. But it is a Curved Tv. And I don't want a curved.
en the KS8000 has nog 43" model.
If there was a KS7500 with a flat screen I would buy it, but it seems it does not exist.

I will not go bigger than 43"

Can you explain why the Samsung UE40KU6450 is not good for movies?

Planet Caravan

Novice Member
So the XD80 is the best TV for me?

Is it better than te XD83 and the XE80 ?

This is a drawing of my living room with my couches.
I have drawn the lines of the viewing angles for VA en IPS panel.

Would you suggest the VA or IPS for my living room.
(VA=XD80 - IPS=XD83 or XE80 or KU6450)

In what options is the XD80 better than the XD83 and XE80 ?

Refeshrate of the XD83 is better than the XD80 and XE80. Is this inportant?


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Planet Caravan

Novice Member
Also, is the Samsung MU6450 better than the KU6450?
Can't find any good reviews about the MU6450.
And how does it compete to the Sony's we spoke of above?


Well the drawing makes it clear that you will have a loss of quality if you sit on the couch farthest off center if you go for a TV with a VA panel.

How important that loss of quality is to you vs higher contrast and blacks at your center viewing position depends on how often you will view from the side couch I guess.

The XD80 is best for at 43" because its the only Sony TV you have looked at that has a VA panel.

The Samsung KU64 and MU64 will likely perform the same, they also should have VA panels but unlike the Sony I'm not 100% sure they won't be PLS instead. The MU I don't know much about as its a new model but its likely very similar to the KU of last year. The KU has lower input lag but more motion blur than the Sony XD80. The main drawback vs the Sony is the fact it can't play movies without performing 3:2 pulldown creating judder.

The MU is not good value right now as its a 2017 model.

The XE is not good value for the same reason and because it doesn't use a VA panel at any size.
The XD83 is not good because although it has a higher refresh rate it uses an IPS panel. Higher refresh rates aren't beneficial at all when gaming, only if you want to enable motion interpolation when watching sports. The XD80 has good enough motion from a 60hz panel.

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