SONY XB-940 - replaced the tray belt but now drive teeth don't engage? Help!!

as per title have just replaced the rubber drive belt on the tray on my SONY XB-940 - was quite tricky getting the mechanism out and moving the tray into a position where I could access the area where the rubber belt needed to be replaced. having put it back together the cogs don't appear to be engaging with the row of teeth than run down the inside of the tray. Note that the tray doesn't quite completely shut at this stage - it's around 1 cm out. Clealry I'm doing something wrong or I've damaged the tray mechanism in the process of removing it. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. (I'm in Hampshire - between Southampton & Portsmouth - willing to take it to a third party but of course everyone on lockdown now).


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Sounds as though you've got the “Timing” of the mechanism out.
CD mechanisms usually have markings on cogs, gears, sliders to identify their start or rest position.
The service manual usually has a diagram showing this.
Have a look on Youtube for dismantling videos.
Hi Jaydee, thanks for your reply. I managed to fix this morning. It was an alignment issue with the gear and roller which you can only address by removing the tray out of the casing. A little difficult to describe but was incredibly difficult to fit the tray back into the correct position so that it works. If anyone needs to replace the belt on this unit then try to do it without removing the tray - I hadn't but the gear and roller had somehow fallen out of the alignment channel in the process of the repair leading to the issue I had in my OP.

Unfortunately the drive is not reading CD's or SACDs - I get the NO DISC menu when trying to play. I've run test mode and the circuit board is all fine so it's a drive/laser issue - ran some tests on that and have a few error codes that I don't fully understand so it will need to go to be looked at by a professional.
I have a laser cleaning CD somewhere - just trying to find it. The laser lens itself is not easily accessible - it sits under a plastic cover which can not be removed - would have to disassemble the whole mechanism.


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I wouldn't bother with the cleaning disc (although you have nothing to lose by trying) as they’re usually a waste of time.
Angled cleaning sticks with a chamois-tipped end and cleaning fluid will usually work better.
Does the disc spin when the tray closes and loads?
No the disc does not spin - tries to but doesn't get very far. The loose plastic circular cover that sits above the disc does spin if there is not disc inserted. What cleaning fluid do you use?


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Isopropyl Alcohol should do it, but neat Vodka has been known to work believe it or not.
You have nothing to lose by trying it, just be gentle and wipe the lens very lightly.


Isopropyl Alcohol should do it, but neat Vodka has been known to work believe it or not.
You have nothing to lose by trying it, just be gentle and wipe the lens very lightly.
Vodka! Before or after it's gone through the kidneys? I'll second the Isopropyl Alcohol, as a cleaner, not to drink. I use Eclipse cleaning fluid that I have on hand to clean my DSLR cameras.
I've noticed there's a version of XB-940 which is badged UK Special Edition - does anyone know what the difference is between the SE and the standard model is?
Finally replaced the laser on the XB940. I went through the Service Mode and inserted SACD single Layer, CD, Hybrid but don't have a SACD DL. in the service mode all of the aforementioned were recognised and passed the service mode. the player now plays CDs and recognises hybrid discs (displays HYBRID in the display window) but when attempting to play the SACD later I get the No Disc in the display. I'm assuming there's something else I need to do in Service Mode to make this work? Any help/advice would be welcome.

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