Sony X950H vs Samsung Q90/95 for bright room/sports


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Hi there all!

I have a predicament driving me insane choosing between the Sony XH9505 and the Samsung Q95T (coming here from a 7yr old non-4K Sony)

My main usage is Sports and Netflix and I have SkyQ (I am getting a PS5 for casual gaming also)

The room has floor-to-ceiling windows in front of the tv and across the whole room and to the side so there is an exceptional amount of natural light which makes me favour the Q95 but on reading the issues on AV about motion judder etc on it, I’m leaning towards the Sony 9505 which I understand to be better for sports - however I’m wondering if it would be worse with the reflections in the bright room!!

Also - is this judder issue on the Q95 likely just likely a few sets/likely fixed by now due to software updates?

The price I can get them for is identical but any advice here would be so much appreciated as I’ve gone into complete TV analysis paralysis even though I’ve seen both tv’s in different stores!

Thanks all in advance!

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I just bought a Samsung 75Q85t. It’s the 85 version not 80 so comes with the reflective coating and wide viewing angles as the Q95t. (I think the Q95t is a bit better with HDR, but when I viewed them I couldn’t tell much of difference) it’s the perfect TV for my needs in that room. It’s a very bright room and it’s where the PS5 lives. It comes with HDMI 2.1 for gaming which the Sony 95H does not have. It’s better with gaming compared to the Sony but I think the Sony delivers a more natural picture overall. I have to say the pic quality of the Q85t is stunning! Blacks are excellent and for my needs in that room I don’t regret my decision over the Sony or the Q90/Q95t. I bought the Q85t from reliance (75inch) for £1599 so really good buy over the other two. Oh and I didn’t mention, I also have 77inch OLED next door for dark room serious movie watching (see sig) so not I kinda know what quality means…. See setup below…


The reflection handling on the XH9505 isn't that much worse than the Samsung's. Motion is very much a subjective thing, some people seem to notice the problem more than others. I've known people being happy and unhappy with the Q90T/Q95T...a lot depends on your own perception and what you watch I'm sure.

Buy from a reputable retailer so if you have an issue you can return the TV if you notice a problem.

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