Question Sony X930C 4k Blu ray w/ 'Enhanced HDMI mode' Please help!

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I'm an owner of a Sony X930C from 2015 which received an update to support HDR.

I purchased an Xbox One S which comes with an 18Gbps HDMI cable and hooked it up to HDMI port 1. I threw in a 4K blu ray and thought everything looked immaculate. Best picture I've ever seen.

Now come to find out while digging through the Xbox picture and video settings in advanced settings (where it tells you what the Xbox can support from your tv) I have green check marks for 4K at 60hz and HDR gaming & video. It displayed 4K at 10 bit color at 50hz and 25hz as NOT supported by my tv.

So I go into my tv settings and enable 'enhanced hdmi mode' for Hdmi input 1. It says right on the tv by enabling this I'll have access to HDR and 10 bit color. So I enable. Then I go back to my Xbox One S and go to the same picture settings page and now I have green checks across the board. The Xbox now tells me my TV supports EVERYTHING. 10 bit color, all the other 4K hertz (whatever that means?) and that I can play games in 4K & HDR. Great! I'm thinking. I enable 10 bit color then I pop in a 4K blu ray again but...

The picture is WORSE than when I had hdmi enhanced mode turned off. The picture looks brighter and not uniform like it should be. Even the black bars at the top and bottom of the film seem to be brightening a bit and not a uniform black like they should be and you can just ignore it. The Xbox dashboard looks fine. Everything has more pop and sharpness while playing games but video looks OFF. Way off. It's driving me crazy because I can't find anyone online with the same problem.

Is it my tv? Or my Xbox? Granted this is the first HDR content I've thrown at my TV. Is there a chance Sony never tested HDR on this set extensively because there was no content at the time it was sold? If so there must be someone else encountering this same problem.

To add a little more info while playing a 4K blu ray and hit the dashboard button that makes the film go to PIP the picture of the 4K blu ray in the PIP window there looks great like in standard mode but when I expand the window the best way to describe what it looks like is that it's like there's filter being thrown over the whole picture muting all the colors and eliminating the 'pop' the colors and picture would have had. I looked long and hard at the possibility that these were more accurate colors but I can't believe that. It just looks bad.

If anything what I'm listing sounds like an easy picture adjustment setting please let me know! I'm at a complete loss. Games look great in HDMI enhanced the issue is video and I would hate to switch the HDMI mode back to standard everytime I want to watch video.

Indiana Jones

I assume you have already calibrated your TV and your not just using one of the presets?


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Did you get a solution to this? I'm looking at buying one of these to go with my consoles. Ta

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