Sony X90J X94J Owners Thread


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After trying the mew software update last week i noticed two things
1) The local dimming is a bit better...but not as good as when the tv launched. I was of the first to get the tv in May. It din't even have a software update. Local dimming was superb. Then the first update made it tighter in June i think, but the August update messed it a bit, especially in sdr content were blooming was virtually non existent up until then. Now it seems a bit better and i am sure it will be fixed in the end i have no worries.
2) Major upgrade for nextgen console owners. On my series x the 4k 120hz output was bad. A lot of posterization compared to 60hz output. This now seems to have been fixed and setting the machine at 120hz produces a very clean image. That is a huge upgrade for using the 2.1 ability of this tv.


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Not sure if this has been asked before or if anyone else has noticed, but my X90J doesn’t show the option to output IMAX Enhanced audio. I know it sends the format to the receiver as it displays correctly, but it only shows “Dolby Audio” in the sound selection list. So has anyone seen the IMAX option on these TV’s?

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