Sony x90H, Sennheiser Ambeo & Apple TV 4k not playing well together


I have the following setup: Apple TV eARC connected to Sennheiser Ambeo to Sony x90h eARC. Problem is that I keep getting vertical green bands on screen accompanied with flickering and flashing.

Sony has been replaced and the new set has exactly the same problem as the first one. HOWEVER while I was waiting for my replacement store gave me an LG loaner and had no issues for over a month.

I have already changed 3 sets of HDMI cables by now. If I am using TV App for streaming the problem disappears. All components are using the latest firmware.

Please help, I am going crazy with the problem and the store I bought it from is at their wits end too

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-04 at 11.16.42 AM.jpeg


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Hi there, I’m sorry your having problems. I’ve just some suggestions but also this will push you up the forum list for others to comment.
I’ve got the ATV4k and Ambeo but a LG c7 and initially had a lot of issues with display flickering taking ages to sync and all sort of colours on screen. But some good cables from Amazon seemed to fix- I’m aware you’ve tried this but worth yet another try???
The other thing I would suggest is try lower resolutions on the Apple TV first and work your way up to see if that helps.
Otherwise over to others.

Sir QD oled

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Did you try ATV to Sony 900 and ambeo earc to Sony. just everything to Sony and then let earc do the work to the Ambeo. ATV (e)arc in apple set to off if that's possible.

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