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So I’m trying to figure out the best configuration for my HDMI inputs on the sony X900F because of its limited full function ports.
Currently I have
-AppleTV 4k ARC/HDMI 3 port
-Sony 4K Player HDMI 2 Port
-LG SK9 Dolby Atmos Soundbar with 4k HDR Passthrough - Optical
I use the Harmony 665 to control everything and have zero issues with controlling all my devices, I ran into issues switching inputs in the past using the ARC and passthrough on the Soundbar, that’s why I switched to straight optical from the SK9.
I want to know if I’m really losing any sound quality by using optical (aside from Dolby Atmos) Or should I plug the Apple TV in the Soundbar PassThrough to take advantage of the audio capabilities of HDMI that Optical lacks? (DolbyTrue HD, DOLBY DTS, DOLBY ATMOS etc etc) I absolutely hate the fact that Sony made the ARC port one of the only two fully functional 4k, HDR, 60hz ports,
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I am trying to figure out the same. Having issues after a week of running arc on my brand new Sony x900f to brave new Yamaha tsr.. stopped working. Problem is if I run optical to avoid head aches, I lose out on native apps being able to support Dolby vision. I gave a Apple 4K that I can get dv on regardless if ran via optical but I read that fb works better on the native apps on the x900f.
many advice would be appreciated!


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So first off a couple of things:
1. HDMI ports 1 & 4 can do 4K SDR 60fps. They can also do 4K HDR up to 30fps.

2. HDMI ports 2 & 3 can do 4K HDR at up to 60fps.

3. The ATV4K doesn't have any HDR content that's greater than 30fps. In fact I think all of the 4K HDR content on ATV4K is either 23.976fps or 24.00fps. Therefore this means that you can actually have the ATV4K connected to HDMI 1 or 4, set to default video output settings of 4K SDR 50hz, with match content enabled for frame rate and dynamic range. This means you will still get max quality for all content. This I how I have mine setup. ATV4K to hdmi 4, audio set to DD5.1 & hdmi arc passthrough to my soundbar connected to HDMI3.

A couple of questions.

1. What will you be using most of the time? ATV4K or UHD Blu-ray player?

2. Are you using HDR from your PC or 'just' SDR?

My advice would be to do the following:
1. Connect soundbar to HDMI3 and start using arc instead of digital optical.
2. Connect UHD player to HDMI in of soundbar for best sound quality from UHD & Blu-ray discs (which will on the whole better than a streamed soundtrack from ATV4K).
3. Connect ATV4K to HDMI 1 or 4. Set default video output to 4K SDR 50hz, match content enabled for both frame rate & dynamic range. Audio output Manual, DD5.1.
4. Connect PC to HDMI2. This will allow you to do 4K HDR @60fps or if you aren't using HDR you can force a higher refresh rate in SDR from the PC.

On the TV in sound settings, ensure digital out format is set to Auto 1, A/V sync auto, Dolby Digital Plus is set to DD+ not just DD.

Hope this helps.


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I have read your response several times and I was actually thinking about doing similiar.

1. Yamaha receiver via hdmi 3/ Arc 4K
2. Atv4k via Hdmi 2 4K port on Sony x900f tv
3. Sony blu ray 4K Dolby vision player via hdmi into Yamaha receiver
4. Comcast 4K cable box into hdmi 1 (since cable will rarely broadcast in 4K)

how does this sound? I will use Atv4k much more than the blue ray 4K player.

I’m Hoping to try this connection since currently my arc stopped working. I read it could be due to an overload of devices on my receiver (4 devices).

I would prefer to try what you suggested Arc and Atv4k into the Tv hdmi port opposed to using optical so I can get the best sound

Any thoughts on this?


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I could try Comcast cable into receiver, just did not want to overload it.
Decided to pick up a Sony receiver and return Yamaha for hopefully a solid hand Shake.


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I ended up using the Yamaha and Arc works great! Turns out it was due to Hdmi our getting turned off- due to poor placement of that button just below the power button:). I got a harmony remote to avoid dealing with the Yamaha remote and all is good!

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