Sony X80J Problem After Software Update


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Feb 12, 2011
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My two month old Sony TV has been working fine until it offered me a software update last Friday morning, which I let it do.

Since then I have noticed an occasional flicker on the picture, usually at camera shot changes. It's as if the TV occasionally displays a couple of frames in the wrong order. This happens on all channels and all inputs, including a blu-ray player.

Also, I have noticed the TV's own graphics appear a bit glitchy and jittery instead of smooth scrolling as they used to be. Also, a few days ago the YouTube app. refused to play any video at all, including ones I had watched before, just a black screen for a few moments followed by an error message. I have also noticed, when selecting "Settings", sometimes the "Home" page appears instead. I initially thought I had pressed the wrong button on the remote but it has happened a number of times now, so I know it is the TV that is doing something wrong.

All these things have happened since the software update on Friday. It's been almost a week since the update, so it can't be still "settling down" after the update, unless the installation was corrupted.

There appears to be no option on the TV to revert to the older, bug-free software, nor does there seem to be an option to reinstall the current software if the installation on Friday was corrupted somehow - the TV just states I have the latest software, which is PKG6.4284.xxxx.EUA.

I have also done the usual factory reset, and also just noticed another post by Sony user "Sony update - black screen". It seems he did an update about the same time I did.

Thanks for any help.
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