Sony X800Mk2 (+others) Blu-ray Multi-region Modification

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This is the modification process for the Sony range of players.

The process below is for the X800Mk2 RattleByte mod and is for educational purposes only. I would not advise attempting it and leave it to a professional. You can easily destroy your machine unless you have advanced skills.

You will need advanced soldering skills, steady hands, soldering iron. A digital microscope and hot airflow station will also be handy.


RattleByte Multi-region Board


Main board


Remove the main board from the machine. There are 8 points to connect to the multi-region board.

Tools 1.jpg

ZHR 6 pin 1.5mm pitch connector - this helps for a neat finish if you don't wish to solder to pins

ZHR 6 1.5mm.jpg

Installed board


Once the multi-region board has been installed you will need to install custom modified firmware.

Your machine will then become fully multi-region and is able to play all region DVD's, Region A, B, C Blu rays and all region 4k UHD discs.

Thank you
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Brave! Not something that I would tackle. I’ve been tempted to import a region A machine, but as there have only been a couple of non-B BRs that I want to watch, I can’t justify it.

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It's not without its risks but I've done these types of things before. You will need a high level of competency and advanced skills.
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Interesting that there is a kit to buy now. I bought the player earlier this year, with a mod already installed (which works flawlessly) at an added premium of £100. Thought it was a bargain to be honest.


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Just bought the X800 MK2, want region A added so will be interested to see the outcome. Sending it back otherwise, I like having the flexibility.

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Pics uploaded


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Well done and many thanks for posting! Please forgive my ignorance but how can a ZHR 6 pin 1.5mm pitch connector help if the solder points are spread all over the board and not only at one location? Do you have any close up pictures? Thanks!


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I have a broken Sony X800 that not working because I messed up the mainboard. Do you know where I can buy? Ebay do not have it, so perhaps directly from China? Mainboard part# A-2167-482-A.

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