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Question Sony X750H vs X800H (Dolby Vision & AirPlay)


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Hi, I'm looking to buy a 55" 4K TV. Initially I only want to replace my FHD TV so my first target were only Mi TV 4K (around $350 here, idk if it's available outside Asia). But then my local reviewers aren't even impressed by it, and considering it's not available in physical store, I don't want to regret instantly after buying it.

So I increased my budget and found Sony X750H which ticks all my boxes, then for about $100 more there's X800H. Besides IPS vs VA (I prefer VA for my room), I only find Dolby Vision and AirPlay support are the only things that separate them both. My questions are:

1. Is Dolby Vision really relevant on TVs in this price range? I don't have a Blu-ray player so my source is either Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, and I rarely subscribed to them. There's a talk about DV in games, but then again, I'm a little bit skeptical for its performance compared to HDR10 in this price range.

2. I'm a (new) Apple user so AirPlay support would be nice. But how well is that feature compared to, at least current-gen Apple TV Box?

I’m not limited to these models, if there's other alternatives please share, I'll look it in stores here. So far I find alternatives from Samsung (TU8000) but no DTS audio is really a dealbreaker for me and I'm still not sure about LG UM7300.

Thanks in advance.


I'm not sure the X750H does come with a VA panel. Usually Sony use IPS type, so if it does, it will be the odd one out for a few years. (if you have such info from displayspecifications.com, it is often unreliable).

1. No TV in this price range should be considered for HDR use. This means you'll want to avoid using HDR on the TV on the likes of Netflix and Prime. For Prime you can choose to watch the HD version without HDR, with Netflix you can't avoid it unless you subscribe to a non-premium plan.

A good workaround is to use an external smart device with the TV and use that for Netflix and Prime (such as a Roku) then you can switch HDR off on the HDMI port of the TV and still enjoy UHD resolution on these services, without the adverse effects of HDR.

More about HDR and why its troublesome on cheaper TVs here:

The best solution would be to purchase a higher end TV, from 2020 lines you'd want an OLED TV, or an LCD TV like the Sony X950H or Samsung Q80T minimum. Then you don't have to worry about disabling HDR, or using HDR with picture quality issues.

2. Airplay is just a means to share content between your phone and the TV, its not comparable to an Apple TV box, but as it happens the Apple TV box also has Airplay. If you mean how the standalone Apple+ app compares to a dedicated Apple TV well it depends...if you want to use the Apple TV for other apps, it makes sense to buy that instead. But if you are using only content bought directly from Apple, you can use the Apple+ app.

Why is DTS audio important to you?


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Hi Dodgexander,

Thanks for linking the article. I always thought HDR is a 'bonus' and never think about the negative effects on incapable hardware. Obviously I never compare HDR and SDR version of the same content, but definitely will!

I read about the VA on rtings.com, those guys seem sure about that. They even say X900H and X950H use VA too.

X950H and Q80T cost three times the price of X750H here, they are extremely over my budget. So for me it's better to forget about HDR for now.

About the AirPlay, I'm sorry I wasn't more clear. I mean how well is the TV processor to handle mirroring (especially about delays even with ethernet) and if there are other known issues too. Since Dolby Vision is out of picture, I could spend the extra $100 + a little more to buy the Apple TV box.

I use Plex on my NAS, and maybe half of my movie collection is in DTS audio. Since I don't use an A/V receiver, it's up to the TV to decode/passthrough the audio, right? Moreover, there's endless threads in Plex forum about DTS transcoding issues, and with my NAS hardware capabilities, I'd rather to have Direct Play on anything.

Sloppy Bob

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What size is your current TV?

Unless you're upgrading for a significantly larger TV, it's pretty pointless "upgrading" to 4K at 55" as you won't get the benefit of the resolution as the TV is too small. The real benefit to upgrading to 4K is HDR, but that's not in your budget.

So, unless you're buying a significantly larger TV, you'd probably be better keeping the TV you have.

Also, DTS is an issue, a lot of TVs won't pass it through now, with the best audio they can manage being DD+


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My current TV is 42", specifically LG 42LB550A. I can't describe how bad is this TV.

It's worth to mention I also have Samsung 40MU6100 4K in other room. It's practically my only source for HDR right now (hence my question about Dolby Vision above). Even my eyes can see the difference in terms of picture quality between them is very significant. And it's not only about the resolution & picture quality, it's a non-smart TV and it even doesn't have an ARC port, so I still use my RCA cable to output stereo audio.


The Samsung 40MU6100 will perform around similar to the TVs you are looking at now, only smaller. Its a 2016 model and there's not really been that much difference between a budget model then and a budget model now.

Regarding the X800H compared to the X750H Dolby Vision support should help a little with HDR, but the TV is still going to suffer from clipped highlights and washed out pictures just because it has no local dimming or high enough peak brightness. One thing that is better with the X800H is picture accuracy out of the box. If you don't intend on using professional calibration and you prefer more accurate colours, go for this model.

But alas, if the X750H does come with a VA panel this is where it starts to get a little complicted. HDR is all about contrast (biggest difference between bright parts of the picture and dark). Because VA panel tech has better blacks, they technically should be better than IPS displays due to increased contrast. In this case its more small differences though, since both TVs should really not be considered for HDR use at all.

I agree with what bob has said above, buying a cheaper UHD TV has negligible benefits, you don't really get much from it unless its a higher end model with ample HDR capabilities. However if you are happy using HDR on the Samsung MU6100 you will certainly be happy with the X750H which both use VA type panels.

Here's the pros and cons of IPS and VA tech:

But as mentioned, your Samsung is a VA display, so you should have an idea of the pros and cons of that already. Your 42" LG is IPS.


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Yes, I said I prefer VA in my first post because I'm gonna place it in a relatively small room, and I prefer to watch in dark. The time I bought the LG was when I practically know nothing about TV technologies. I'm grateful to find helpful people like you guys, to get to know more about it everyday.

I'll try to contact Sony about the VA panel on X750H, although I'm not sure they will openly talk about this. If there's no definite answer from them, or if it’s IPS. I'll go with X800H.

Thanks Dodgexander and Sloppy Bob!
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Yeah they won't know/won't tell. If you get the same models as North America then there's a good chance it will be VA like the rtings.com review. In Europe often models are different, so panels aren't always the same.

The X800H despite using an IPS panel does have colour accuracy on its side. I think that is definitely worth paying extra for. Just a shame you can't get both VA panel+colour accuracy in one package at this price point. Are there Hisense/TCL models sold locally?


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I’ve looked around, and can’t find well-reviewed budget models from America and Europe regions, only other models with lesser features. Different markets I suppose.

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