Sony x3500 vs Sharp XL2E vs Panasonic TH-46PZ85E


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Hi all,

I am at the moment looking to buy a display and would like your support/opinion if thats alright. : )

The upgrade I am looking at are one of these models:

40" or 46":

Sony X3500 or X3000 if anyone can explain the difference.
Sony W4000
Sharp XL2E

Panasonic TH-46PZ85E (think the E is for europe, don't know)

My usage would be approx. 40% SD sat (awful quality), 40% PS3 gaming and 20% BR movies.

Are those decent choices for this type of usage, or is there something coming right around the corner (1-2 months) that will blow them out of the water...
Your suggestions are much appreciated!

PS: First post, so greetings to all as well!


I would avoid the sharp common banding issues.So its between the others.The PZ85 is an excellent set but plasma which makes an lcd safer because as I see you intend to play much games.X3000 s the same technically just cosmetics.


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Thanks for the input - thinking of getting either the 40/46 X3000 then. Just a quick one, is there a replacement for the x3000/x3500 models coming soon or is it still a way off?


Its still a long way..september time

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