Sony X3000/X3500 Series Thread

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UPDATED FIRST POST FOR X3000/X3500 28/9/08



T2 Panel

Xabi17 - 40X3500 - Smearing.
SteveRobertsBBC - 40X3000 - Blurring/Image Lag/Rainbowing/Off-Axis greying.
DaveBeef1 - 40X3000 - Picture Deterioration.
Signs - 46X3500 - Clouding/Smearing/Dead Pixels.
tonnytech - 40X3500 - Smearing/motion blur and stuck pixel.
blakey313 - 40X3000 - Smearing/Trailing/Blurring. No clouding.-brightness 51 for ps3/50 for freeview
maus - 46X3000 - Smearing/Trailing.
Markt25 - 46X3500 - Smearing.
DeanA - 40X3000 (updated software) - Problem Free.
creid1 - 46X3000 (updated software) - Problem Free.
Robbie Razzler - 46X3000 - Problem Free.
daz777 - 40x3500 (updated software) - problem free.
RyoSaeba-52X3500 - Problem Free
Fudoh-52X3500-11/07-Smearing,Clouding,Flashlight,dead pixel
Dinoj-40X3500-Fault free(fw 581)-11/07(made in spain)
pavlos-46X3500-Fault free 8/07
ukpolak-46X3000-Fault free 10/07(Made in Spain)
tuftyuk-46X3500-Fault free 10/07
OldFourEyes-46X3000-10/07-fault free
Nariman-40X3500-Fault free
VXB-40X3000-10/07-Fault free

T1 Panel
Zippy75 - 40X3500 - Problem Free.
DaveBeef1 - 40X3500 - Problem Free.
rman2727 - 46X3000 - Problem Free.
GizmoStu - 40X3000 - Problem Free.
jayyaj - 40X3500 - Problem Free.
necronom - 40X3000 - Problem Free.
djmuk100 - 40X3500 - Problem Free.
clao- 40X3500 -Torchlight effect+clouding
barghest - 40X3500 - Smearing
njwatkins-40X3500 11/2007-Torchlight effect.
Twin Turbo - 40X3000 - Problem Free
zero-one-40X3500-Problem Free
Chef_Hendrix-46X3000-Problem Free
Lagavulin-46X3000 12/07-Problem Free
mpv-52X3500-Fault free
djfonti-52X3500-Fault free
241-40X3500-Fault free
markwww673-46X3000-Fault free
Shahin_K-46X3500-Fault free
freddy08-46X3500-Fault free
JohnSyl-40X3000 01/2008-Fault free
sofireland-46X3000-12/07-Fault free
thehitman-40X3000-02/08-Fault free
artisun-40X3000-12/07-Fault free
mattclarkie-46X3500-02/08-Fault free
Shiverzz-40X3500-02/08-Fault free
retro41-40X3000-02/08-Fault free
gando-40X3500-10/07-Fault free
colbert-46X3500-Fault free
brownboy-46X3500-02/08-Fault free
Ronin2009-46X3500-02/08-Fault free
Deepus-40X3000-02/08-Fault free(only some fan noise)
hjni-40X3000-Fault free
ninjafeel1970-40X3000-02/08-Fault free
ISEEDUMBPEOPLE-46X3000-Fault free
Dans72-40X3000-11/07-Fault free
Mat R Guy-40Χ3500-03/08-Fault free
chrismuk-40X3000-02/08-Fault free
artisun-40X3500-03/08-Fault free
Collo64-40X3500-Fault free
thelawns-40X3000-Fault free
badaman321-40X3000-Clouding(due replacing it)
Badger67-40X3000-03/08-Fault free
peahead-40X3000-02/08-Fault free
zia-40X3000-Fault free
Badger67-40X3000-03/08-Fault free
inni786-40X3000-03/08-Fault free
vasilisl-40Χ3000-03/08-Fault free(slight buzzying noise)
arloubas-46X3500-02/08-Fault free
sewe-46X3500-04/08-Fault free
Betamax_man-40X3000-Fault free
Konflict-40X3000-Fault free
Pidlovous-40X3500-03/08-Fault free
mark5cott-46Χ3000-02/08-Fault free
fearlessturk-40X3500-02/08-Fault free(minor clouding)
El Basto-40X3500-04/08-Fault free
While the new sony's series have not released yet,seem to be very popular!So this is a thread about them!!Any question about them,all the owners discussions will be here!!The prices have started to appear at 1875£ cheapest price for the 40X3500.And some prices in europe have appeared too.

1 - check whether panel = T1 or T2
2 - ensure you use a formatted Sony memory stick that is NOT magic gate pro.

Ok first a big thanks to McE for the 46" firmware

I thought I would give a couple of pointers for Anyone flashing as I did make a bit of a cockup on Mine

The flash firmware is around 7MB so it would be tight on a 8MB memory stick
I used a Sony camcorder USB-PC copied off all the files except a small hidden 0 byte file (memstick.ind) So as windows reported just a FAT formated disc I would think that little file is all You need and created during sony's format process so I would think You might be able drop a 0byte text file and name it "memstick.ind" in the Root of a formated (in a card reader) memorystick if You have no sony device to hand

Set the TV to an unused AV input or Analog TV (not digital)

Power down TV fully (disconnect mains )

Insert memory card after lifting back the plastic dust cover

Reconnect Mains and press power button
after a couple of Mins You should get some Red and orange light activity then Tv will display Updating...that will go off and some more flashing lights

After about 10 Mins the TV will reboot and a little later display the AVinput channel You previously set

A few Mins later it would appear all is done

Might be worth waiting longer than I did here (although I dont think it will make any difference).... SEE NOTE A

Turn off TV (side button) and Disconnect mains for a min to fully reboot tv Remove Memory stick and Turn on TV

Now on start up I Got a Flashing Red LED ( No mention of that in the Instructions)

It would appear You do need the reboot here as the second part of the Firmware flash is done in the background and takes a further 10 Mins during which the red light will flash, I cannot reflash My TV to see If things can be done a different way at this second stage but I would suggest You just Power off/on the TV on from the side button and leave it for 10 Mins and the second stage which is actually an update of the ASUCA will complete which appears is updated from the TV's internal flash memory after the Memory stick is removed (apparently this process can auto restart if interupted) All the manual says is dont use Digital TV during this period... theres Me trying to retune fortunatly I did the analogue first and the light had stopped flashing by then

Now I have the Luxury of 2 Manuals and the second part of the process is clear as MUD but It does appear to need a second reboot before all the firmware modules report the new versions

I hope I have not Put anyone off updating as I'm sure It's pretty much safe as houses...It has to be as technicians have to be able to do it
Instructions made by Jakus

For those interested, the T2 panels are:

40X3000: 4600001-4600515, 4800001-4801325
40X3500: 4000001-4001427, 4300001-4310869
46X3000: 4600001-4600844, 4800001-4801458
46X3500: 4000001-4001163, 4300001-4304051
52X3500: 4000001- , 4300001-

difference btween T1 nad T2 by twinturbo


Available in 40",46",52",70"
The X3000 will be only in 40" and 46".The X3500 will be in all sizes.
The 70X3500 will be available later(near november)

2.200:1 on screen contrast ratio
18.000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
450cd/m2 brightness
Motionflow +100Hz
Response time 8ms
3x HDMI 1.3
10bit panel
2x scart
USB input
x.v color
24p true cinema


The 70" version of the X3500 will has increased dynamic contrast ratio of 25.000:1 and will have LED backlight.




ZERO CLOUDING (even with backlight high)
Only checked PS3 games & Blu-Ray films so far. Image on 1080p & 720p are both brilliant. I found that detail enhancer "High" makes a huge difference to the details on films like faces & hair, looked much softer & not to my liking off or on lower settings. 720p motorstorm game was quite blurry on details as well before changing this. The motion enhancer to "High" worked great on games & films alike. Ninja gaiden was much less blurry on panning in 1st person view, no artifacting at all. Film mode on auto 1 in combo with smooth enhancer to "high" made games even smoother. Casino royale on auto 1 & high though looked too smooth like real life which may of been good but it loses smoothness & reverts to jerky again on/off which was annoying so auto 2 & high seems to work the best on films & looked very smooth, again no artifacts i could see. One thing of note when playing 720p stuff if you change the screen scaling from normal to +1 it gets rid of some more of the overscan, not sure if all like 1080p "full pixel" will check later.
The screen is less matte than my v2000 sony & slightly more glossy which is quite nice, helps contrast slightly. Not like a mirror though.
The bezel looks amazing very high quality, like the finish on my mini-disc portable player.
The black levels when it is set to power saving high & backlight zero are very good like my previous sony in fact.
SD isnt a high point with the X3500. I think even on a 26" LCD (like my old Sharp) you wont get anywhere as near as good SD than your 32" CRT. Im pretty willing to give and take with this TV though as the Hi Def performance more than makes up for SD... but I guess Im lucky to have SkyHD to with its upscaling.

One thing I forgot to add.. my TV has no clouding at all too so lets hope that trend continues for those here who may make a purchase.
Finished trying the Nintendo Wii & wow its great for 480p. Have now found that motion enhancer high & auto 1 on some games ends up like films smooth as butter then back to original frame rate on/off depending on business of scene i now prefer to have this off for games & just have motion enhancer high (of course blu-ray still auto 2 & high).
480p suffers from no ghosting like on previous sony 720p tv's. Dependant on what game you play, you alter DRC 0-100 x 0-100 when its set to on, detail enhancer, edge enhancer & i left sharpness at 10 for now. On metroid 3 on wii & the Gamecube game Starfox Adv. I had DRC 100 x 100 & detail Enh high, edge enh low, this made the game look sharp enough unlike previous sony tv which was always blurry due to aliasing & lack of control over Bravia processing. All off or all on it was still great. On a game with sharp graphics like Mario sunshine on Gamecube it was best to tone them done a bit to detail enh low, edge enh low & DRC on or off? which made it look superb. I was honestly not expecting a 1080p screen to do 480p this good. You have so much control over how the image ends up detail wise, excellent. Colors on standard def work best on standard not wide & unlike before live color works on either. Reds on standard are now not orange unlike the V series. Red & greens on standard are less overcooked than on wide. Overscan is probably the same as a 720p set although i have not checked this yet.
Had a quick look at my Xbox360 Elite on 1080p over hdmi. Kameo & perfect dark look nice & sharp like when it used to do on 1360 x 768 to 1:1 map on 720p tv. These 2 games only support 720p on the box, the X360 scaler is doing a great job sending out 1080p. Colors on wide setting look great, no overscan again, used detail enhancer low to bring out more detail. It booted up in 720p when i first switched the x360 on & even that seemed good on the dashboard.
Off to try out HD-DVD's & DVD's next.
I will be calibrating most stuff using Digital video essentials sometime soon as well to check my settings.
Also the dynamic dimming, i only have noticed it on a dvd when it was showing some warning messages & on blank screens between these. In games or Blu-rays on the short bursts i have been on them i have noticed nothing. Plus power save 2 backlight 0 produces great blacks so would prob not notice the effect as much anyway as someone who has a higher backlight setting.
Regarding humming, fan noise it is not silent i don't think have not tested properly but it is by no means at the moment anything to worry about the slight humming would be drowned out if you have PS3 x360 or your surround system on (i am playing with no volume at the mo).
It might have cost a lot to buy this tv but i think it was worth every penny maybe other screens are good also i could not comment but this one does not dissapoint at all
It is not as such a fan noise like PS3 as such more a whine or buzz (slight whirring?) when you have your head near the tv at the side it sounds like a slight fan noise.
The manual states on p48 that there is a fan. The 52" does not have any internal fans.
It is only annoying if you are in a silent room with no machines on & no sounds. When playing a console & with sound on tv or amp & speakers it is no problem. But it is certainly not totally silent like the v series. The tv has been on now since lunch time & the heat has not made any clouds appear, so looks like its a big thumbs up.

Regarding your other request i may try tomorrow but my digi camera is real cheap so prob a waste of time but will try in the morning. Regards

Tried the PS2 at 576i thru component & amazingly ratchett & clank 3 & sly cooper 3 with some tweeking both look really good, maybe some blockyness on some pixel area's but from 6ft back it looked really good, so much better without the ghost edging of the v series. Although Jak & daxter did not look so great but i put that down to the game (obviously crt is better but it is all about the balance of HD & SD & i am really pleased with the balance). The motion high setting & auto 1 worked a treat on Ratchett 3 hardly any blur at all & no choppyness, although i only checked it for 3 minutes.

HD-DVD's on X360 add-on looked great as expected. Great blacks, shadow detail, colors & the dimming was no problem. Motion flow auto 1 again made it super slick like camcorder footage till it lose's it off & on, if only it could be slick all thru the film, never mind auto 2 & motion high look nice if a little hard to tell from them being on or off sometimes.

Only PC & DVD (upscaled) to go, phew!!
Buy the way you get a thick chunky vga lead with this tv 1.5 - 2 meter long, nice.
Re Standard definition, I really think my judgement is being clouded by the fact Ive gone up from 26" to 40" so thats an issue. There was little difference between the Freeview and RGB Scart from my SkyHD, but I hardly touched any settings there, today was really about having some HD fun..

My friend who looked at the TV noticed some difference between 720p and 1080p especially in PS3 gaming. That suprised me. I always thought you needed 46"+ to see that.

Digital tv with the onboard tuner (prob no diff to external one), to be honest looks quite rubbish to me although i sit only 6ft away. The 720p sony although 40" & further away is better.
On match of the day when they paused the footage when they did analysis the players & white chalk went jaggy most odd. Mosquito noise all over etc & detail settings just enhanced all the faults. I would avoid like the plague. Others channels were not very hot either, good job i don't use for a tv. I don't have Sky HD. Sorry!

No adapter just the vga cable very good it is though.

I looked at DRC & the detail enhancer etc on the overscan/sharpness test pattern & they can add oversharpening i think on some settings & make the imperfections of the pattern show up more. Balance is the key i think & what looks good in real world watching per disc. Nice to have all the options though.

Tried out the pc & all resolutions work fine. 1024 x 768 which i use a fair bit (point & click advs.) looks very good. I tried 1920 x 1080 on outrun 2006:coast to coast & oh my this looks so sweet.
One thing to note is that unlike previous tv's you can alter more options while in vga input. Can't remember them all but gamma, motion enhancer, film mode, game mode, contrast enhancer & many others i can't remember are still enabled

DVD's on ps3 scaled to 1080p i hit a problem it seems to have a nasty artifact which i noticed on monsters inc & checked again on the DVE overscan/sharpness test pattern. It has some strange lines of sorts hard to explain. But no probs as set the PS3 to 720p & screen to +1 & this defeated overscan for 720p like full pixel for 1080p. The artifact was gone & i adjusted the sharpness etc to get a sharp image but not oversharp & monsters inc looked superb, so i'll stick with this i think now. Dvd's look just as good or better than my 720p sony did so all's well.

Used DVE to set up PS3 & used white balance settings of "CDjay" was it? who had ISF done & although my tv could differ with the others settings i had made it looked fab. Colors thru the RGB color filter looked as spot on as i've seen, in the flesh they looked great, skintones seems right & primary colors looked good no orange reds or greeny yellow's. The PS3 passed blacker than black & whiter than white on hdmi.

For dvd's on PS3 at 720p (PS3 super white)

BLight - min
Cont - max
bright - 52
color - 50
color temp - warm 2
sharpness - 10
NR - off
MPEG NR - off
DRC - off
Black corr - off
Avd cont - off
gamma - low
clear white - off
color space - wide
live color - low
white balance - RG(-5), GG (0), BG (-3), RB (-8), GB (-3), BB (-3)
detail enh - low
edge enh - off
display area - +1
motion enh - high
film mode - auto 2
game mode - off
power saving - high
light sensor - off

When watching BLU-RAY i will only change to PS3 1080p, display area full pixel & detail enhancer perhaps on high.

Well pleased with this!
I gonna check if Xbox360 on hdmi at 1080p has this strange artifact on dvd pattern & dvd as well.
Games & blu-ray seem fine from this although if i notice it i will let everyone know. Must be the PS3 scaler not up to scratch??, hope upscaled PS2 games don't suffer from this as well.
Checked DVE dvd test pattern on X360 at 1080p hdmi & the effect is not there, thank goodness. May see what dvd's are like on X360 now if i can stand the noise on a film! This seems to suggest the PS3 is at fault not the tv
Noticed that the edge enhancer adds no white ghost sharpening it kind of makes the edge sharper by defeating the color fade at the edge of writing.

Really been getting to grips with all the options & have almost got settings nailed down for everything. This really is such a great tv & is not missing a single feature you can think of.
I have discovered on 720p & 1080p you can alter the aspect ratio to all the modes 4:3, zoom etc. Very nice, not seen that before.
I thought i would let you know about DRC (part of bravia engine pro) which is not fully on the W3000 i believe. On standard def & 720p it really seems to pay to have this i have found. The bar you slide to the right smooths jaggys a bit & smooths out imperfections in the image due to scaling this seems to work best at 100 (full setting), the slider upward adds detail, too high on certain things & image looks grainier & rougher. On all my standard def & 720p games with the right slider on full & then on a game by game or dvd basis you only adjust the upward slider between 0 - 100, you should be able to obtain the best image for each. Mostly between 20 - 100. On 720p though i have DRC at 100 x 100. The normal sharpness setting (not the DRC or enhancers) across the board i have set to 25 now. The edge enhancer to low works best only for standard def games i think & detail enhancer makes games too grainy even on low apart from Bioshock at 1080p on X360 (weird). This works for 480p & 576i & p. On 1080p blu-ray & HD-DVD DRC at 1080p is disabled so sharpness 25 & detail enhancer low, edge enhancer off works best. 1080p X360 & single 1080p PS3 game (, Ridge racer) sharpness 25 (up to 35 on some games) & on only on a few games detail enhancer low, pretty much off though.

MOTION ENHANCERS: I mentioned before about auto 1 & motion high being silky until the frame rate drops on occasion but when it holds it reduces blur to almost nothing & seems to make 30fps games run at almost 60fps in smoothness, though on some games there is an artifact which is like vaseline smearing/ water effect (hard to explain) around a character or edge of screen on occasion, dropping motion to auto 1 & standard removes this as well as some of the silkyness & the frame rate is also less. If game is not suited then use auto 2 motion high or just motion high on its own i can't tell the difference.
For films i only use auto 2 & motion high to avoid camcorder reality & the frame rate going up & down (even on Blu-ray 1080/24p).

Game mode seems to do nothing to my eyes, maybe input lag although i don't notice any lag anyway from controller press to screen.

If any other owners have a test disc with a greyscale 10 or is it 20 segment ramp from blacker than black to whiter than white, is on warm 2 & white balance all 0 your whites very pinky as mine seem to be. The boxs near to whiter than white is very red tinged? in fact red tinged all over. Not sure if CDjay ISF white balance works on mine but it certainly removes the red tinge on the greyscale test pattern, maybe adds green in the mid section a bit. May need to get this calibrated somewhere??

If anyone wants to know my final (ish) settings for all my equipment let me know i will post them up next week.
Hoping to fully enjoy now!!
Standard def was always good game & dvd wise i have just perfected it now to out of this world for a 1080p tv, better than my 720p tv thats for sure.
The ownly time i criticise standard def was digital tv & as i do not watch a lot or will use this tv for this at all i rushed it a bit. I owe you & everyone an apology as with my DRC knowledge i hooked up an extension to the arial & checked it again.
The programme i saw before was perhaps not good quality wise the other day? but from what i saw tonight i would upgrade my opinion to superb. On a good quality non-compressed programme it looked dvd in quality almost. I think i had too many enhancers & the DRC upward slider too high before.
In case you want to test in a shop, i used sharpness 10, DRC 100 to the right & 20-30 upward, detail & edge enhancers both off, possible use of NR & MPEG NR to low depend on source then up DRC a touch if so? All other settings of contrast etc are as per my PS3 settings i think, except for gamma off.
Hopes this helps!
Review by VegaCortez

yes, you just select "full pixel" under display area.

For PC use this is actually an excellent "monitor". :D

In what will be of great interest to you, cnet reviewed the XBR4 ( X3000, basically ) and posted their calibration settings. Which.... are great.

F** knows what they are on about re: 1080p/24 tho, after reading the review I did my own testing and can't fathom what they're thinking there. 1080p/24 Auto1/Standard all the way!

So, here is the cnet settings, w/ that aspect modified:

Picture Menu

Picture Mode: Cinema
Backlight: 7
Picture: 85
Brightness: 56
Color: 62
Color temp: Warm2
Sharpness: 50
Noise reduction: Off
MPEG noise reduction: Off
DRC mode: Off

Advanced Settings

Black corrector: Off
Advanced C.E: Off
Gamma: Off
Clear white: Off
Color space: Standard
Live color: Off
Detail enhancer: Off
Edge enhancer: Off

White Balance Menu

R-Gain: 0
G-Gain: -4
B-Gain: 0
R-Bias: -1
G-Bias: 0
B-Bias: 0

Screen menu

Wide Mode: Full
Auto Wide: On
4:3 Default: Off
Display Area: Full Pixel

Video Options menu

Motion Enhancer: Standard
CineMotion: Auto 1
Game/Text mode: Off
Video/Photo Optimizer: Video-A
Video Color Space: Auto
Photo Color Space: sYCC
Color Matrix: [N/A for HDMI]
RGB Dynamic Range: Auto

General Menu
Power saving: High
Light sensor: Off

This seems to look great across all my sources, by and large. I still can't get the exceptional black level/depth on Sky HD, altho perhaps I am just watching the wrong programs, but the rest of the spectrum looks excellent with these settings. Blu-ray discs at 1080p/24 w/ the above settings are STUNNING. I'd assume the same is true of HD-DVDs but I'm waiting on my A35 before watching any properly

Checked my 360 ( over component ) using the Halo 3 a/v calibration thing on the limited edition, and the contrast / colour accuracy is absolutely spot on w/ those settings.

The only input I'd consider boosting the contrast/brightness/backlight for, possibly, is PC monitor use. Still got to mess around w/ that.

In my testing, I agree w/ them re: the black level/advanced contrast enhancer. Black level correction really does crush shadow detail, although at first glance can look better ( not the case as much since I started using those settings, though ) but it's fleeting. On my XBR2 the advanced contrast enhancer DID help w/ shadow detail but more crucially improved percieved black depth/levels. It has the reverse effect on the XBR4 in my experience, making "black" not so "black".

Anyway, u'll probably be wanting a link to the review; just disregard their 1080p/24 comments or at least check it over yourself.....

OK first preliminary report on my 46X3500.

First off it does look like it means business - I know the 'floating glass' design is not everyone's cup of tea but I love it and it helps the TV look both imposing and like a serious piece of kit (which it is).

Now I have not really zeroed in my setting yet so this is all first impression stuff!

First off Blu Ray from a US PS3 - after a bit of fiddling and using CNET's settings as my starting point I was REALLY impressed with the quailty of the picture - its hard to explain but the pq quality is an improvement over my old X2000 - I think this is mainly down to the 24fps and possibly 100hz. Overall the picture had more a cinematic feel - I know that is vague but thats the best way I can describe it. So far so good!

HD DVD from my Tosh A20 also pumping out 24fps also looks absolutely amazing although I have to say Blu Ray nabs it but that could be down to the PS3 being a better player but never the less the picture looked fantastic - really sharp, loads of detail and fantastic colour. Both BD and HD DVD displayed fantadtic black levels - reall,really good.

Now down to XBox 360 playing Halo3 - first off I can now get 1080p through component (the X2000 could only manage 1080i) - well this looked awesome - really sharp - no trailing whatsoever (I wasn't using Game mode as I preferred my settings) colours again looked fantastic and there was absolutley no delay with the image. Fantastic!

Finally SKY HD - this is the area I am having the most trouble nailing in the settings - BBC HD channel looks absolutely stunning but SD channels look a little washed and soft at the moment - the F1 qualifing (Go Lewis!!)looked really drab and the graphics on the screen looked slightly blurred - although I do think that this is down to the actual broadcast rather than the TV but not 100% sure. I think the TV needs to settle a little before I will get a better handle on what settings work best for me with SKY. I didn't really notice alot of improvement with the Motion on whilst watching the rugby but it does state in the anual that you do not always notice it. I think it is the old case of low bitrate channels are going to look pants no matter what settings you have .

Overall I am loving it and have NO REGRETS replacing my X2000 with it - AWESOME TV!!!!

This TV was made in Spain in July and as far as I can see has no dead pixels, banding or clouding.

More when I have played more
Review my midknight;review

I will re-iterate again, I am extremely happy with this set. My only two nagging concerns were colour accuracy ( now seems exceptional in this regard ) and black depth ( again, now seems exceptional ). The only source I'm not 100% happy with atm is Sky HD, so I'll welcome any new owners opinions :D

Hope that helps y'all



I notice that some still have problems with picture quality on the screen.

I have a T1 model and quite honestly the factory default setting "standard" is not a good quality picture, no where near a good picture as the standard settings on an X2000.

But having tried many settings on this thread including those set up by the * website which has tried to recreate the picture "as the director of film intended", I still found this too dark.

Please find below the settings that I have found that work really well on SD, they may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I have had quite a few people comment on how brilliant the picture looks now:

Setting Standard
Backlight 6
Contract 65
Brightness 50
Colour 55
Colour Temp Neutral
Sharpness 60
Noise Reduction Low
Mpeg Low
DRC Mode 1
DRC Palette R25 C80
Bacl evel Low
Adv Contrast Med
Gamma Low
Clr White Off
Colour Space Wide
Live Colour Low
White Baland and all of the rest in this section 0
Dig Enhancer Medium
Edge Enhancer Medium

Motion Enhancer Std
Film Mode Off

Hope it helps, please make a post if you get a better picture by tweaking these settings.




I read the c:net review & would not advise to use some of there settings. EG: brightness on all my sources should be set to 52 as the DVE test DVD shows, so you need to test your own sources with your own screen with a test dvd really to be sure. Standard color is worse than wide accuracy wise thru color filters on my display.
I have re-accessed DVD comparing denon 1920 player at 576p thru hdmi &
PS3 at 720p & 1080p. The 1080p artifact on PS3 i mentioned before after the latest firmware update & new settings at 6ft viewing is no where to be seen unless on test patterns & sitting closer. The image at 1080p gives by far the sharpest image with so much more detail & much less of a blurry filtered look compared to denon 576p.
The Ratatouille DVD trailer really looks in a different league its so much more in focus & detailed. There is no sign of macroblocking like the upscaling of the denon either. Now that the PS3 1080p issue is not a problem as such this should be used over 720p for the best image.
My final settings are:


PS3 Xbox360 Wii (USA version)
(Games, Blu-ray, DVD) (Games & Hd-Dvd) (Games inc. GCube)
1080p 1080p 480p

BRIGHT 52 52 52
COLOR 50 50 50
SHARP 30 (15 DVD) 30 15
(720p games ON)
DRC CUSTOM 100 across, 90 up 100 across, 70 up
WHITE BALANCE (-5, 0, -3, -8, -3, -3) SEE LEFT SEE LEFT


720p (HDMI +1)
1080p (FULL PIXEL)


See what you think of these settings!
The motion enhancer settings gave the best results across the board. From wii to Blu-Ray motion is less blurry a lot lot smoother & gets my vote. Films do not look too video like. I don't think i could play some games without this now its that good.
SONY X3000/X3500 FAQ-UPDATED 22/09/2007

-How do I find my fanufacturind date and firmware?

Manufacturing date is on a sticker on the back of the screen, and firmware is under set-up|product information

-What are the differences between X3000 and X3500?

These are the same models with only cosmetic differences.In the attachments there are 2 photos showing the X3000 and the X3500.The X3000 can change the color,while the X3500 has dark grey brushed metal finish and cant change color.The X3000 design is the well known floating design same as the X2000,whith the default colour being black


Just wanted to say that the settings i posted a few pages back are set for my display. Factory settings are different for each set to a degree so my white balance etc could produce very inaccurate results on another tv. The only way to make your tv accurate is to calibrate yourself like i did.
The HCFR software is also excellent, comprehensive enough & very easy to use. Packaged software for the spyder tv i suspect from what i have read is quite simplistic & for me would be of no use. I would recommend the spyder2 express, then download the free HCFR software (english version) & burn to dvd there free test pattern dvd (menu's in french by the way but hardly any screens so no problem at all).
If the hardware in the spyder tv pack is the same as the express pack that is fine as you can still use HCFR with it but if it is not & i am not sure i can't guarantee that HCFR will work with the spyder tv hardware (it only supports certain colorimeters eg: spyder2 hardware)
I actually bought the spyder2 suite version but the express has the same hardware though.
The supplied software with the spyder2 express/suite is for calibrating your pc as it changes the graphics cards settings by putting a file somewhere on your pc, you change no settings on your tv at all.
You need HCFR & its dvd to calibrate the tv for machines eg:pS3 & Xbox360.
Remember that you still need your pc / laptop at hand to run the HCFR software & to plug in the spyder via usb while you calibrate as to read the results as you go along. You change your tv settings & can read real time updates as you change things then you can run a full test again to produce new graphs etc to see what has changed overall.
To re-cap your basic needs to calibrate the tv for PS3, DVD player etc:-
Spyder2 express (cheapest & guaranteed to work with HCFR) - available easily on Ebay
HCFR software & dvd (
pc & monitor / laptop near to your tv (no need to be on the internet at time)
possible usb 2.0 extension cable (don't exceed around 5m combined spyder cable & extension to be safe)

Here are some pics from owner


GUIDE - Bravia X3000/x3500 Series SkyHD Remote Codes for autoswitching.

Do the Code "0000" remote input as described in the SkyHD Manual. This gives you the basic features such as Volume and PowerOff.

Unfortunately, the TV doesn't switch to the Sky AV when you select Sky automatically. The "Help" button lets you select which input. So basically you need to program the Sky remote to tell it which AV to use.

(Sincere thanks to "Thecaretaker" from DigitalSpy for his post on his settings 32v2000 Bravia for the next peice):-

To have your Sky remote auto-switch to the correct Bravia AV input.

On your Sky remote:-
press TV
Hold select and help (red light on remote flashes twice)
press help repeatedly (until you find the correct input you want)
press select

press tv
hold Select and green (red light on remote flashes twice)
press help once (nothing should happen)
press select to store.

Then when you press Sky, TV Guide, Box Office, Services or Interactive button, sky will auto switch to the correct AV

Also, as I said in a previous post, I feel the SkyHD output setting on the x3x00 series is best left to "automatic".

Happy viewing!


Yes! After (quite) a number of days I've finally managed to make my way through all 3000 odd posts in this thread.

I thought I'd do a quick summary for anyone else who is in the same position of considering the TV but want to get some opinions from owners:

- almost everyone in the thread agrees that the TV is excellent/amazing etc
- PQ is agreed to be outstanding and some even argue that the sound quality is good/excellent (one poster)
- it's apparently great for football - even in SD (with the right settings)
- even a size of 46" seems to look ok in an "average" sized rooms (there are many example pictures)
- there has only been one instance of a return (I'm sorry but I didn't record the post number). But this is only one instance from the 70/80 people who seem to have the set. As a % some might argure that is high but we need more buyers to get a better sample size
- there is a rumour of a possible price drop at the end of November
- the x3000 is starting to appear for sale (at around £150 cheaper) but there appear to be some stock issues (lots of retailers are saying it won't be in until December). This model is almost identical to the x3500 but it has a changeable/coloured bezel that many agree makes the set look a little cheaper. Everything else on the tv's is identical
- there appear to be very few deals available to those in Ireland
- it's definitely agreed to be worth upgrading from the x2000
- there is a reduced price 5yr warranty available at many retailers until the end of November
- post 3048 has a picture of the remote
- the first post is regularly updated with useful bits like settings, SKY HD remote codes etc.

So there you go - a quick summary. For more detailed information (for example, on pictures, settings, prices etc.) use the search facility.

It's 300 mm x 200 mm.


  • KDL-46X3000.pdf
    87 KB · Views: 1,600
  • TuftyUK-SkyHD-SD-TV-settings-v1.xls
    30.5 KB · Views: 1,079
  • TT's Settings.xls
    29.5 KB · Views: 997
  • S.Menu.jpg
    166.6 KB · Views: 3,162
  • TV Settings 52x3500.xls
    29 KB · Views: 970
  • x3500 + x3000 identification and update instructions.rar
    122 KB · Views: 975
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It is good that we moved this off of the main thread.

My question is what will be released first, the 3000 or the 3500?

Which sets have been released in Europe so far?


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I thought the 70" Sony announced was the rear projection A3000 series?


It is good that we moved this off of the main thread.

My question is what will be released first, the 3000 or the 3500?

Which sets have been released in Europe so far?

They have been not released yet!First will arrive the X3500 and a month later the X3000

I thought the 70" Sony announced was the rear projection A3000 series?

No,there is going to be and an 70X3500!!!!!!(I have an impression and feeling its going to has LED backlight!Hope this!!!)

Jung American

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I think everyone can agree that it's better to have one thread for the W3000 and another for the X3000/X3500, due to them being different models.

The method may have been impractical but the end result is more helpful to the users of this forum.


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Lock older threads, force discussion here. Problem solved. People can still view the older thread via search.


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He has a point though, rather than have everything chaotically in one thread for two different models it would be best to split it up, the W and V series are different panels. It only appears Chrisgeo is attempting to create some kind of structure for the different models and personally I cannot understand why there's such opposition to it.


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To be honest I enjoy the read through the other thread and will contiue to do so, but can see the point in splitting them out and think it’s a good call to create this new thread. If it’s going to be done it should be now before they grow even more.

However I would suggest people avoid ordering the rest of us around and change their attitude, you may have created the thread but I think we have all done that at some point. Those who want to post here please do, those that that want to post to the old on please.

..all of course imho !


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Where do I post the latest information about the KDL-40X3500 I have just got?

It's not much, but folk might be interested?


I say it for the last time.I dont want to argue with anyone:Any info or question or discussion for the X3000 and X3500 will be here and nowhere else.Sorry to speak like that,but the subject must end.Every tv its own thread


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I say it for the last time.I dont want to argue with anyone:Any info or question or discussion for the X3000 and X3500 will be here and nowhere else.Sorry to speak like that,but the subject must end.Every tv its own thread

Ola Kala

- I'll assume the apparent unfortunate tone is more a language barrier thing

Sas efharisto poli


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I say it for the last time.I dont want to argue with anyone:Any info or question or discussion for the X3000 and X3500 will be here and nowhere else.Sorry to speak like that,but the subject must end.Every tv its own thread

I think you need to consider a drastic change of attitude towards your posting. Telling people what to do and saying words like "will" and "must" is imo out of order and I for one dont appreciate it. :thumbsdow


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I hope so. All it takes is a "hey, Ive got an idea, since were so close to launch why dont we split the topics up. What do you guys think of that" kind of suggestion rather than being dictated to.


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I've sent an email to asking for clarification of their stock delivery date for the 40X3500. If they can confirm that delivery date I will place an order for next day delivery.

Oh what Id do to have this TV for next Thursday...


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OK Ive just Live Chatted to Jonny at 1stAudioVisual and he seems certain that they are receiving delivery of the X3500 stock next Wednesday, and if thats the case can get the TV to me on next business day.

Ive placed an order so we'll see what happens.


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Just chatted with 1staudiovisual....

"Luciano: Sony KDL40X3500 - your website says stock due in Aug 15th. How accurate is this? Also, are the 46 Inch models due in the same date? Thanks

You are now speaking with David of Stock.

David: Hi Luciano

Luciano: Hello David

Luciano: Can you help with my question please?

David: Yes that's right, though it is two separate delvieries

Luciano: But both are due in on the 15th?

Luciano: I ask because I haven't seen any official Sony announcement of the TV's release?

David: How accurate is the date is a difficult question to answer!

Luciano: :)

David: Both are from suppliers we use regualalry and rarely get let down by

David: until we actually have the stock in our warehouse and have arranged your local courier we dont like to make 100% promises - it's just out of our hands

David: however we absolutley expect arrival mid next week of BOTH these models

Luciano: Ok, thats brilliant - thanks. I shall look back in next week :)

David: The 46W we have already supplied many of; of course the 40X3500 is brand new

David: no problem "

Not sure what his last comment re: the W was concerning but it seems they are as confident as possible at getting the X3500 in next week, both 40 and 46 inches :D:D:D

"UPDATE: David: oh I'm sorry Luciano

David: my mistake -

David: we have a delviery of 46W2000 coming in around the same time (tues / weds next week)

David: we have no dates yet on the new 46" X-series model

David: shouldn't follow too long after the 40 inch though"

Ho hum - just the 40 inch then (not what I want) but should allow people o get using them and seeing what the model's like!

Lyris - you been offered any review units?


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OK Ive just Live Chatted to Jonny at 1stAudioVisual and he seems certain that they are receiving delivery of the X3500 stock next Wednesday, and if thats the case can get the TV to me on next business day.

Ive placed an order so we'll see what happens.

Exactly the same here - told they were getting 15 in, 10 preorders so far so I've ordered one.
If they don't turn up, I'll just cancel.


Excellent news for the stock!!!!Hope in a month it will be here!So any of you interested in bying the 40" or the 46"?

PS:Sorry for the hard works I spoken.I apologise.I just was in not good mood.


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No worries Chris. I'll be buying the 40". I think the 46" is just too big for my viewing distance. If they did a 42" I think I'd probably get that.

I hope 1AV manage to deliver on their stock situation. From all the posted chats from their representitives they seem very certain that they'll get stock of the 40" X3500s next week, and as Sime said if they dont I'll just cancel my order.

If I do end up with the TV next thursday I'll be posting pics here as well as having a big grin on my face.


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CHRISGEO, I've locked the old annoucement thread. But I feel you should bring any important info from that thread into this one, or at least reference the original thread in the first post of this one. So people don't lose out on the info and discussion from there.
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