Sony X3000/X3500 Series Thread *Part 2*

D&G are hell, we are being asked to pay up £800+ to replace the broken X3000 with an 46ex703 and refuses to pay out a cheque. Not happy so we will be taking it up directly with Sony and the credit card company as we just want a refund now. What makes matters worse is the company who took the TV away to have a look at it has disposed of it!
I actually spent a while researching the models that we would accept as a replacement first, and the HX803 is the only one I would want (the HX703 has uniformity issues), but this is £2100 from Comet, which is only slightly less than the X3500 cost 2 years ago. So D&G will not provide that.

I'm going to pop into the retailer and try the SOGA on them, the product was clearly sold as Not Fit For Purpose as it has a manufacturing fault. I'll see what models they have in stock/are willing to exchange. D&G stop your warranty the instant you get a replacement, and as it is valid until 2013 I thought that was outrageous that the warranty is not transferable in the event the replacement is a lemon.
Having the same problems as described. 18 month old set and out of warranty. Have contacted Sony and have been fobbed off. How are the rest of ye getting on with Sony
I don't have this problem (yet !) but I am pretty miffed that my X3500 seems to be so out of date (after just 2 years !). I would love to get a replacement that does 3D & has FreeviewHD built in and wouldnt mind paying a little extra to get an updated set ;-)

I bought this because it said it was HD compatible. I didn't realise they were going to release a completely incompatible standard in the UK :(
This is how my 2 1/2 year old X3500 looks like after the warranty run out

This is how my 2 1/2 year old X3500 looks like after the warranty run out


Mine has the exact same effect and is also 2 1/2 years old.

It would disappear over time but seems permanent now.It has been left on for 3 days now and is still the same.

My friend is coming over tonight to help me try the 'easy' fix as recommended on the forums.

If that doesn't work then it's off in the bin.

It disgusts me how Sony US have acknowledged the fault and are replacing panels but Sony UK/Europe are not.
It would disappear over time but seems permanent now.It has been left on for 3 days now and is still the same..
And my tv "just" do that when its cold so after an hour or so its fine and if i turn it off for an hour or more its back.

It disgusts me how Sony US have acknowledged the fault and are replacing panels but Sony UK/Europe are not.
My tv was insured and is now at the repair shop but i hear you,

such an expensive TV should last longer than 1-3 years

EDIT: Got my tv back today ,they changed the panel and my seller claimed warranty rights (3 year) and sony approved so i´m happy
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I have had the same issue on the TV, there is a fix for the TV but it does involve taking it COMPLETLY apart and is not recommended for anyone who does not know what they are doing.

The problem is with the "tab bonds" which run along the top of the panel, this area gets very hot during use which is why it (sometimes) fixes itself.
From what I have seen there have been a lot of these TV's with the same issue, mostly 46" models but it is also affecting some 40" ones
Hi, I could do with some advice on my 40x3500. It was bought in may 2008 for the euro champs. Now i have no idea of any tech terms such as banding, shading, smearing etc. but will try to explain my symptoms.
As you watch some hd content you can see an outline around figures, as they move across, which looks like someone as rubbed Vaseline on the screen, a bit like the old readybrek advert. This can also be seen around the perimeter of the screen. Not always visible but not sure if the tv or sky box. Have changed the hdmi lead and still the same. Any ideas?
Sounds like an artefact of either noise reduction or Motionflow. Try turning them off.
Just FYI...

I just had my 3 year 3 month old X3000 looked at under the Domestic and General warranty for the same panel fault as mentioned here and on the previous page. Unsurprisingly, they've said that it's an uneconomic repair and they offered me either a new 40EX713 or £700 in Comet vouchers valid for a year. As I've already replaced the TV before Christmas and can't really justify a 40" screen in the bedroom, I've taken the vouchers and will probably pick up a 32" set and a Blu-ray player instead when the new model range is out. Given that a simple pro-rata over the length of the warranty would indicate about £600 payout, I'm not too displeased at the outcome.
I have a 2 3/4 year old Bravia 46x3500 that developed the tab bond issue over a year ago. I foolishly didn't take out the D&G extended warranty as I expected my expensive LCD TV to last like my Sony CRT Trinitron, that is still going strong after 10 years. I have been trying to manage the problem with flexing the frame, letting it warm up, etc. But, it has been driving my wife to distraction. A few weeks ago I decided to contact Sony. I registered my TV online when I bought it and when the problems started I checked the website. It was now showing a three year warranty linked to my model. However, the small print stated that it had to be purchased after Jan2009, mine was July 2008!! Damn! I tried to blag it with Sony on the phone, but got nowhere. But, it was intimated that Sony may assist with the repairs. Having read of others being offered approx. 50% of the £1000 repair bill I thought I would see what the repair company would say. Sure enough the quote came back for just over £1000. I contacted Sony again and they asked for hardcopy proof of purchase and repair estimate. I sent this off with an accompanying letter, in which I referred to similar tab bond problems suffered by others(backed up with web links) and that Sony US had repaired XBR models suffering the same problem for free. No more than that. I didn't kick off or shout the odds. A few days later I received a call from Sony stating that they would treat my repair as a warranty claim and that it would be fixed for free!!!Taken away on Weds and due to be returned to me today!! Hoping that all will be well and feeling a bit better towards Sony.
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It's good that you got it sorted, but don't forget that the parts (which come from Spain) may not be available and you may get a call saying it can't be repaired as the part isn't available. I would have hoped Sony would have checked they had the part before collecting the set, but I would have hoped Sony and Toshiba hadn't sold thousands of defective panels.

Have you had any confirmation that the set will be returned today? As it is a bank holiday I'm surprised they would be working.
Matt, I wouldn't let them collect the set until I knew the part was in. I was surprised that they would deliver on a Bank Holiday. But, one lad turned up, so had to help him bring the set in. He had a number of other sets in the back of the van to deliver too. So, taken fixed and returned within three days, including a bank holiday! My only fear is that the set will develop the same fault in 12 to 18 months time.

Looking at the W series forum thread it would appear that Sony is getting a bit twitchy about the whole tab bond problem and the threat of bad publicity on Watchdog, etc. Wonder if that is why I've been dealt with so efficiently. I'm glad to have my Bravia back and working properly. But, my faith in Sony is still a bit shaken. Now off to play on the PS3 on PSN. Oh, hold on a minute!!!
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Cheers Matt. Hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction. Either repair or like for like replacement.

Interestingly, the repair company left the paperwork from Sony with my returned Bravia. An email from Sony informed them to order the part, new panel, at Sony's cost and then that they would be paid a total of £110 for the repair. Which is slightly different to the £250 they quoted me for the repair prior to Sony authorising it for free. I'm £50 down for the cost of the quote. But, I'm not complaining as I've got a gratis repair, out of warranty. I hope that anyone else going through this process, for what clearly is a Sony deisgn fault, gets an equally satisfactory result. (Touching lots of wood that my panel doesn't go again!)
have all the x3500 series affected by this problem? or is it just a batch of them? any users who have the x3500 series for 2years+ & don't have a problem?

any users who have the x3500 series for 2years+ & don't have a problem?

Me :) I just hope that by saying so it doesn't bring the problem on!
Me :) I just hope that by saying so it doesn't bring the problem on!
i m with you on this, i got my x3500 for 2years+ now, touch wood no problem :rolleyes: just wanted to know if there are people who have this set but don't have issues yet, still love the picture quality of this set even today:smashin:

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