Sony X Series - config problem?



Thsi is a trivial issue with, I am sure, a trivial answer ... but I can't find it :)

I recently bought a KDL-40X2000. When I switch to the external inputs (Scrat, HDMI etc) the input graphic (box with arrow) plus the input number & label (e.g. AV-3 SAT) appear in the top left corner of the screen. For soem reason this message does not time out & sits there forever, obscuring that corner of the screen.

I'm sure its a simple menu setting to make this time out, but I cant find it in the menus or the user manual.

Any Sony owners out there know the settign to fix this?




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Have You Tried Pressing The Display Button On The Remote?


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No worries - we've all been there!:smashin:

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