Sony Wireless Adaptor for Sony Bravia TV's - Alternatives?


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I'm quite new to the forum so please be nice!
I hope I've put this is in the right section..

Basically, we've just got a new TV - the Sony Bravia KDL-32EX403U.

One of its features is wifi access, which allows you to access the on demand and TV catchup features. The problem is however that you need to buy the Wireless Adaptor off Sony which is £69.

I've tried a Netgear Wireless dongle, and it doesn't work, and after reading up I found that the TV would only recognise Sony's own dongle, and Im not too keen on paying £69 for just a dongle!

I was just wondering if anyone had any other ways of connecting it to wifi. I've though of powerlining, but we don't have any spare ethernet ports on our router.
Are there any other wireless solutions other than the sony dongle that anyone has had any luck with?



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Yea I did have a quick look at them actually.
Probably the easiest.
Although I did have a look at bridging a spare Wireless router to connect to it, but all seems a bit involved!
Your suggestion is probably best I guess.


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Another option, which would cost more but avoid wireless, is to use an ethernet switch to give you extra ethernet ports on your router. Then use Homeplugs, as you mentioned in your original post, to get to the TV.


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Like :Such

Would that be okay? Gets around the problem of lack of ethernet ports.
I've already got a set of powerline plugs.

Using a switch doesn't have any negative effects does it? like messing with speed or anything?


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Yeah that'd be fine.

There'll be no speed issues etc., Your TV ethernet ports are 10/100, as are your router's most likely, and so is the switch so everything will work fine. It's a much tidier way to do it, I don't like using wireless for anything other than normal internet access. Certainly not for streaming and internet TV if it can be avoided.


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Yea in our router atm we've got two PC's, a network hard drive and Xbox 360 all plugged in, so we've got no spare ports, otherwise I'd have definitely used the Powerline thing.

But that switch thing looks good I think I'll give that ago. Much cheaper than Sony's £70 dongle too!

Cheers for all your help.


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Also just bought this and stunned by the Freeview HD quality!

The Sony Manual is useless so can someone tell me if I connect this to my LAN (wired) what will it support? Can I for example playback an AVI in VLC but output it to the Bravia? Can I essentially output/play anything I can watch on my desktop? They're in different rooms but I have a wi-fi remote for VLC so that would be OK.


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I assume you purchased a UWA-BR100 wireless adapter for a sony tv.
I have posted today asking for anyone who canhelp making this work. However, using the wired network option works fine. I have streamed films from my pc. etc. One thing to note though is that my avi's are around 750Mb and show quite "blocky" on my Bravia. I will try some HD films in the future. To answer your question, yes, your pc can be the av server. Note that I have windows 7 Professional which will make life easier as it will detect your bravia and its requirements.
The internet offerings are limited though. You can not enter your own url. Nor is Iplayer available (despite some seller's claims)



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I haven't connected mine up yet, haven't had time. I have a LAN socket nearby and I'll get to it eventually ;)


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Its "blocky" because of the transcoding software your using and its settings. I'm guessing you using Windows Media Player which is pretty limited.

If you setup VLC to transcode to your TV over DLNA then yes it can serve avi files but it would be much easier to do with something like PMS.

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