Sony WH11 for £2800


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Hi folks

Seen a Sony WH11 for 2800. This is a second hand usnit with only 20 hours on the bulb.

Any thouhts/advice


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Originally posted by petrolhead
Hi folks

Seen a Sony WH11 for 2800. This is a second hand usnit with only 20 hours on the bulb.

Any thouhts/advice

a) what's wrong with it
b) why is it being sold
c) what is the owner replacing it with



The 11HT has been out for quite a while now, maybe its on its second bulb otherwise its probably still under warranty...which makes it a pretty good price. Although for that price (or less) you could get the brand new Sony VPL-HS10 which comes out soon and is suited to HTPC (if that floats your boat).


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As the guy never got back to me once I qestioned him I must assume that this is a Non Starter


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AHHHHHHHH As if like isn't complicated enough! :)

I have JUST received an email back.

Have a look, seems fairly genuine to me -

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. My friends dad works for SONY. I
often buy projectors through him because in his position at Sony he is
offered exdemo stock, brand new ones with torn boxes (which cant be sold to
shops), occasionally repaired and sometimes is just offered items to clear
stock. The Brand new un opened W11ht which I sold at the weekend was a new
projector which was just being sold to clear their stock. I don't buy the
referb/repaired ones and If I did I would not sell them falsely as perfect
new/used units, I wouldn't be happy if someone sold me repaired equipment.

The W11hts that I are left are in new condition with all their instructions,
spare dust filters, leads, remote, box etc but they have been used either
buy SONY them selves or in a demo room at a dealer. Sony Centers don't own
all their display products they are on loan, so they dont sell them, the
larger items go back to SONY. They only have about 20-40 hours use. These
projectors have a timer which you can view on the menu to prove how much the
unit has been used.

I am a private individual who's girlfriends dad works for sony. I do this as
a hobby because I am very interested in Home cinema and It makes a little
bit of money. I dont sell anything other than SONY Projectors. I dont have
them all the time so I dont have a large stock. I just get them as and when
they come up for sale. I have a W11ht myself and its the best thing since
sliced bread.

The guy who gets them from Sony for me gets 3 month warrenttee with them but
he said that even 6 months later if he had a problem he could still get 1
replaced or repaired. I have never had a problem with any projectors.

I hope this clears things up for you. I totally understands your concerns.
Maybe you can get a cheap (GO type) flight Newcastle-Gatwick. and I could
pick you up from the airport and you can see the projector, then I can have
it delivered to you.

So there you have it. Any more thoughts/Advice?


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Sounds genuine. I doubt a rip-off merchant would go to such lengths.
If you fancy it I'd say go for it but.... whenever its one of these kind of shady deals you have to be prepared to lose the money or get a lemon so if its taken you 10 years to save up the cash and you'd forever live in misery if it went wrong then don't do it.

If you are prepared to take a risk and its not the family jewels you've had to pawn then I'd say go for it.

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