Sony Wega KDF-50e2000 screen issue


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Can you please tell me what is going on with my TV? It is a Sony WEGA model KDF-50e2000 that I purchased about 3 years ago. I began to get the ‘Lamp life is nearing end. Please replace” message when powering on. I thought that was causing color bars at the top and bottom of my television picture (see attached picture). I replaced the bulb and it did not go away, in fact, it seems more pronounced. What is causing this? All I know is, now it looks like an expensive fix, since it wasn’t the bulb. Did I even need to replace the bulb yet or perhaps I waited too long and caused irreparable harm? If you need more information please let me know. Thanks for any help you can give me with this. I miss my TV.


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This looks like the optical block has gone\going, this is a problem that sony are aware of and have admitted resposibility for it in the USA
Sony eSupport - KDF-50E2000 - News & Alerts#
but they refuse to do the same in the UK!
I was quoted £900 to replace mine in my kdf50e2010
sony uk finaly agreed to change the block if I paid the labour charges.. over £300! having just paid £130 for a lamp and £95 for the engineers report that Sony insisted I got before they would consider replacing it! - I refused there "offer of goodwill"! so they withdrew the offer!:thumbsdow
My next step is to take them to court. want to join forces?
Sony UK support/cust service will do everything they can to stop you making them repair your tv!

Just noticed by your picture that you're in the USA??
the link above solves your problem call sony and the whole lot will be done free
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so it seems i have the same problem.

how did you contact sony and how did they leave it with you?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Mine is currently off for repair with the same fault, luckily under warranty. The guy that collected it knew what had gone wrong with it before i'd even turned it on, he said it's very very common with these TV's.

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I am about to issue proceedings against my retailer for an OB fault on a KDS 55A2000 (note this is a different technology) and is plagued by problems in the USA & Canada and also Australia. Sony UK claim that they use a different part in the UK sets that is not affected by the same problems as the US sets. This could be the case but is unlikely and even so it is the same technology. Funny if they did use a different parts (upgraded) why they did not use the same parts in later releases of TV's across the pond as Sony USA now have extended the warranty on the last generation on SXRD (surely they would have put these upgraded parts into the last generation:devil:

I believe there is a bit of a conspiracy with the way John Lewis had the TV and stands available from John Lewis for £999 so early from the original release price of 2K. I reckon they offloaded onto JL as they knew there would be no comeback as they sell all there TV's with 5 year warranties.

PS there is a post where a guy has just cleaned the optical path for a similar fault to above and it reapired the fault. Believe the post was by "TV ENGINEER" have a search. Note the fault on the KDS 55A2000 is not the same I believe it is due to cheap plastic dichloric filters that get burnt overtime and as such is a latent defect that is well covered under the SOGA act.

Let me know your thoughts
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