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i just wondered what members thought of this TV.
I'm looking at this as I don't want 4K as I still watch some SD stuff and have no 4K content.
85% of my viewing is Sky HD with some PS4 gaming.
Probably get the 43 but might go to the 49.
Currently I have a 37 inch Panasonic plasma.
Any other TVs I should consider.


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I just bought this TV (the 43”) and have been using it for around a week. There are very few reviews or detailed breakdowns of the panel etc., so I considered it to be a bit of a 'blind' purchase.

Overall I'm very impressed, particularly with PS4 Pro gaming, however there are a few issues which I’ll flesh out. This is a great TV – on paper the best FHD TV ever made - and I do recommend it, but naturally I’m going to go into more details about the negatives than the positives.

- Full HD content (streaming & gaming) looks amazing, but only after some setting tweaks

- HDR with enabled games is very good colour-wise (10bit) and does a decent job of handling contrast, however this is an edge-lit LCD screen with no apparent local dimming, so it's not "true HDR". Great bang-for-buck however

- SD content is handled VERY well with various post-processing tricks that are more than just marketing jargon

- Typical modern, slender design with a minimal stand and tiny bezels. Wall mounts easily and it’s light enough for one person to move around easily

- All the typical smart TV apps are pre-installed and work well over my WiFi. The Netflix and YouTube implementation is decent (there are designated buttons on the remote)


- SETTINGS RANT: Sony's approach to 'scene selection', settings and hidden settings is absolutely terrible. It's hard to explain, but out of the box the TV is set to 'auto scene selection' where it basically changes the scene (Game, Movie, HDR etc.) based on the signal. This is great for HDR as you don't have to remember to change the scene, but pretty much breaks everything else if you're an advanced/power user. The differences between Game, Sport, Movie, etc., are not simply colour temperature or contrast/brightness: a lot of the advanced settings are greyed out in certain modes and there are even some hidden settings that a pre-fixed to certain modes which you can't change, or even tell if they're on. As an example, in Game mode you lose all access to the Advanced Settings, which removes the LED Motion setting. So I use Cinema for gaming as all the settings are available and then just manually turn off the post-processing stuff and set the colours/brightness, LED Motion on, etc. myself. Sony clearly thought they were doing the mass-market a favour by being heavy handed with the auto scene settings, but for people like us it's very limiting and requires an empirical understanding of the settings to get things how we'd like.

- MOTIONFLOW RANT: I'm 99% certain this TV does NOT have the advertised 400hz Motionflow. There is no setting for Motionflow like some other Sony TVs. The only motion related setting is the LED Motion I mentioned above; however all this does is manage the hum rate of the backlight, to no obvious benefit (it also dims the screen by about 20%). I have read on Sony's official support forums that Sony themselves have stated Motionflow turns on/off AUTOMATICALLY in the background depending what scene is selected, and they have even been quoted as saying there may be no visual difference even when it is on. It's a 50hz panel so Motionflow would have to be using frame interpolation to achieve anything close to 200/400hz (like on other TVs) however this is absolutely not the case. No matter which scene I select the motion blur (tested rotating the camera around my character in Persona 5 and watching the background) remains the same. I came from a 6 year old 200hz interpolating LG TV so this feels like a bit of a downgrade. It may be a software issue that Sony could fix, but out of the box Motionflow is not present.

- You are not prompted to update the firmware. Check this before doing anything else

- The menu and app navigation is a bit laggy, however it’s bearable and a lot better than my old TV

- There is no quick way to change the Eco settings; a handy way of controlling backlight brightness on the fly (my old TV had a designated Eco button on the remote). If your room is usually a consistent brightness, like a lounge, then having one backlight setting is fine – in the bedroom however where you may watch a film in the dark, it’s annoying having to dive into the settings. There doesn’t appear to be a dynamic backlight which assesses the brightness in the room. This TV is VERY bright at max

- The vast majority of the fancy advanced features are marketing bunk that you will want to turn off for all HD & HDR content. If you’re watching analogue, SD (or possibly 720p) content then things like sharpness, noise reduction etc. may be of use. But if you’re watching a digital, HD source then you want to see the content as it was meant to be seen and all this post-processing stuff, while looking impressive on the shop floor, will overblow colours and crush black detail in the living room. If you go for this TV I’ll be happy to share my settings with you. As a rule of thumb just turn off everything in the advanced menu for HD content and use the Warm colour pre-set

Can't Comment

- Sound: I use a headset 90% of the time as I mostly game, however I've watched a couple of films and the sound seems fine. Haven't really pushed it

- TV/Freeview: I don't have mine connected to the aerial so no idea how well the programme guides, tuning, quality etc. is handled


Get this TV if you want full-HD and HDR gaming, amazing picture quality and you’re not fussed about 4k. There are some quality of life software annoyances and the lack of the advertised Motionflow is frustrating if you’re used to frame interpolation, but IMO it’s the best FHD going for a gamer/streamer; definitely the best bedroom TV around – and the only FHD ‘HDR’ on the market.


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Hi. Just purchased this from Amazon 399£
49we753. Seems like a good tv..BUT! Black is just can't see any should I explain it..if a face is lighted from one side by half is bright and nice and the other one is just black..can not see the eye, or hair or anything...
When image is totally black, let's say when I change the channel..or when I turn it on has some serious image white bleeding. ..sometimes in the corners..sometimes in the upper front of display normal..or can I change a setting or something?
Thank you in advance!


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@PDakota do you still have this TV and could you share the settings you use?


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If I'm not wrong this TV sports a IPS type panel so It's important to mention that the contrast and blacks will be very poor in a médium lit/dim room

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