Sony Walkman NWA-105 Bluetooth volume


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Needing some help

i recently got a Sony Walkman nwa105 (android version) which I am using to connect to a Sony bluetooth srsxb20 speaker.

issue I have is the volume controls on the Walkman make the audio coming from the speaker either really loud, or really soft.

when I connected my iphone to the speaker or iPad it worked perfectly fine, but using the Walkman there is no way to set a middle ground. I’ll adjust the volume on the Walkman and it goes way too loud, or way to quiet.

I’ll do the same on the speaker volume controls and same thing.

how do I get it to set the right volume?!


What if you set the NWA volume on max and just set the volume on the speaker? You will then run the speaker volume at a low volume.

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