Sony W800i - arrow on screen - no idea what it is.


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Maybe someone can help me on this:

About a week ago a red arrow appeared on the top left corner of my screen beside the signal bars. It heads down. then turns and points up. It also appears much larger on your blanked out screen when you can read the time when the phone is in power save mode.

I have no idea what I did to make it appear. Any ideas?


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I'm going to assume that it's a Call Divert symbol. Try cancelling all your diverts and it should disappear.


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Assuming it's the same GUI as the k750i, it's the symbol for 'missed call'. To get rid of it: click on 'Calls' , then scroll across to 'missed calls' , hover over any missed calls for a couple of seconds then return to the main screen. It should have disappeared.


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Read the Manual.......
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